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This is a personal blog run by, well, me (Grace Buchele Mineta). As a part-time blogger and freelance writer, I enjoy backpacking, writing my life on the internet for strangers to read, drawing comics, and cooking with my husband. I used to live in Tokyo with my boyfriend (who later became my husband) but we moved to the outskirts of Tokyo – think rice fields and open spaces – in 2015.

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41 Comments on New Here?

  1. Your website appears to block middle-click scrolling (which makes it hard to read) and highlighting text (which, being dyslexic, is one of the tools I use to read better). So… I guess I’m saying it’s really hard for me to read your site. :(

  2. Christine S // 25 May, 2016 at 10:39 pm // Reply

    Hi Grace and Ryosuke!

    I found your blog through YouTube because since I recently started dating a Japanese man, I’ve been doing a lot of research and one of your videos came up as recommended. I immediately fell in love with the dynamic between you two, especially since it reminded me of my relationship. Your comics are what really drew me in because they’re so entertaining and really relatable. I’m actually trying to (but actually struggling to) learn Japanese myself and want to visit Japan within the next two years if work permits it.
    I’ll admit, I was a bit hesitant at first to seriously go through with dating my boyfriend because of the huge cultural differences. But after seeing your videos and reading your blog posts/comics, I was convinced it could work. And six months later, it’s been working. It’s definitely a challenge because of the 13 hour difference, but we’re both fighting for each other and I have absolutely no regrets. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. Keep being awesome, you two!

  3. Izola Gary // 7 April, 2016 at 4:18 pm // Reply

    Omg!! I absolutely love your writing!! I am an Air Force wife and we have spent the good side of 13 years total in Okinawa Japan. As I read your books and blogs I fall into hysterical giggles because I feel like I am finally meeting someone who gets exactly how I feel about EVERYTHING! Lol now try doing it with your kids and a silly husband!! ? I have shared you and your works with everyone here that I know and they all have said the same thing “I wish I had this before I got to Japan!!” I even suggested that it be given to our new spouses upon arrival as a guide!! Side note: might have to press harder because that is an awesome idea!! Even have you be a speaker!!! Random thoughts!! I apologize.

    Just wanted to share what a help you are to many people newly arriving to Okinawa, some who have never left their home town. The knowledge that they are not alone in their feelings makes life a lot easier to adjust to.

    I will be in Tokyo next week for a few days with two 15 year old girls for spring break shopping as our last trip before we retire (30 years) and it would be awesome to know that I may frequent some of your spots!

    Again, thank you for your books/comics/blog! You are fantastic!! Keep doing what you do!!


  4. I LOVE your videos, blog & books! I bought all 3 books through Amazon. I wanted to thank you both for giving me something that I can turn to, which, no matter how bad a day I’ve had I can turn to and find a smile & useful information.

  5. I met my love in Japan he is from Texas, I’m from Florida. We were both living in Japan and fell deeply in love. I have been back in the states now for 11 weeks, I am back in Florida, he came to Austin and we had 3 days together about 6 weeks ago. He is now back in Japan, we talk every day for 2-3 hours and are both absolutely heartbroken without each other…the pain is unbearable….he is in the midst of trying to return to the states so we may pursue a life together (even though it will still be long distance. he will be working in Texas) not knowing the date is killing us both. I am having such a hard time functioning…I feel very depressed and am not enjoying my life at all….I don’t know what to do…thank you for listening

  6. Patrick Searcey // 3 September, 2015 at 12:26 pm // Reply

    I am a student at the University of Oklahoma(still love Texas) and will be studying in Japan next year! I applied for the Boren scholarship and saw that you had received the same award when you were studying. I have two main questions. First, were you able to fulfill your NSEP service requirement in Japan? Lastly, do you recommend a specific region or university?! It has been super difficult trying to choose!! I am choosing between Kyushu University(Fukuoka), Hokkaido University(Sapporo), Yamagata University, and Technical Institute(Tokyo). Any advice would be a huge help and I want to thank you and your husband for posting so many helpful videos!
    Patrick Searcey

  7. Hello Grace and Ryosuke!
    I know you probably get this a lot, so I know my comment will not stand out at all (not that it needs too), but I think you guys are the greatest. I recently discovered your comics via Amazon (read all three within days), now I am addicted to your vlogs (my husband enjoys them as well). The love you guys have for each other is so great to see (seems like so many people are ready for a fight nowadays). On a little side note, it is sad to see that you get the negative comments, and how it affects you and your family. I understand that it must be difficult to expose your life to the world and some people are so rude in response. (I’m a bit of an introvert, this is my first internet post ever…please be nice people!) But the reason I even bring this up is I have discovered the most wonderful song that will instantly cheer you up, “One Day” by Matisyahu (it is very effective for my husband and I, especially after a crappy day of work). Sorry if this is unwanted advice, or way too lengthy, or even too personal (if so just ignore me :) ) Anywho…love your stuff, it has been very informative and totally interesting. You guys are awesome (especially the poop hat).

  8. MRS D CUBIN // 2 July, 2015 at 3:29 am // Reply

    Hey Grace ………OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG …..Ive just seen you on Toyko Eye( TV programme)………Yes you were fab ,just fab……keep up the great work……Bye..Dara.x

    • Jen,

      I don’t know if Grace or Ryosuke will see your post but I wanted to let you know that I think it is wonderful! It was not “too long, unwanted advice, or too personal”. I will quote Goldilocks “It was just right!”

      I too just found this blog from Amazon, I read the books, and I loved them. The way Grace shares Japan and her relationship is endearing and makes me want to learn more about Japanese culture.

      Hope that you and Grace keep posting for a long time!



  9. lakerzombie // 4 June, 2015 at 4:26 am // Reply

    Fairly new here as well although like a true aspiring writer I procrastinated on reading your blog for about a month and then recently just binged on a bunch of them lol. Hail from Southern California but have always been fascinated with Japan and Japanese culture. Love your blogs and vlogs. They are so funny especially when your husband gets to steal the show. Was wondering if maybe you could do a blog on the music scene in Japan? Or maybe you’ve done one? Perhaps compare your american music taste as to what you enjoy thats authentic from Japan? Thanks!

  10. Yoshiko Nagano // 27 May, 2015 at 12:11 am // Reply

    Hi! My name is Yoshiko, living in Osaka.
    Heard about you from a Texan in Osaka. lol
    And read through your comics… Amazing job! like you alot!
    Actually ,I’m the one who wish to write and draw my original story, and eager to publish it in the future.
    Your activity as a part time blogger is pretty similar to my ideal life.
    If possible, I want to be a friend with you. and wanna know how to establish the dream!

    Thank you for reading the comment.
    Feel free to contact me!

  11. Hello! I just wanted to say that I encountered your books in Amazon’s kindle unlimited section and was cracking up! I’ve been just north of Dallas most of my life, and my big sister spent a year in Hokkaido- so it reminded me of some of her stories on her return. Anyway, I hope you have a great day and just wanted to drop a line to let you know I enjoyed your work!

  12. Hi, Grace!
    I can identify with your saying you became more of a Texan when you moved to Japan. I feel more “Texan” when I’m abroad, too.
    What part of Texas are you from?
    I’m from Dallas and my wife is from Austin, but we live in the Rio Grande Valley now. It’s nice here: great weather and interesting people, and Mexico is just 9 miles away.


  13. hi grace and everyone else who might be my future friends. my name is Hermela,i was born in Ethiopia and now I live in Georgia, USA. I love viewing other peoples experiences with a different culture (japan) and I love watching people recording there life from different worldS.i like experiencing different things from different countries and I read your book and it was funny and well written. I am new to bloging and now this is my first time ever and I am hopping to understand how this works. i might accidently comment something and I could do it wrong and I don’t want anyone to get mad. fro example I almost did my introduction on a video. I have questions about a lot of things and I need help with that. and I tried to watch one of your videos and it said this was private. was that like supposed to be for your family members.i don’t know and that was it thank you grace for posting amazing videos.

  14. Hi Grace,

    I’m from Germany so excuse my english. I just downloaded your books on my Kindle and read them both in a couple of hours. I loved your comics and had to laugh a lot! I googled your blog immediatly afterwards. You and your husband are such a sweet couple!!
    I’m studying for my state examination in medicine at the moment and reading your books was a nice distraction and really relaxing ;) I sure will follow you in the future so keep blogging :)


  15. Dear Grace,

    I have been following your Youtube account for a while now and may I just say you are the most sweetest and awesome person! (and so is Ryosuke!) I have enjoyed every video, as well as your books (I downloaded them last night). You are truly inspiring and reading about how you can overcome your fears by facing them straight on has really hit me.
    Thank you for sharing your views, opinions, facts and heart to the world. You can count on one little person right here to cheer you on every day.

    Take care,

    (from Chile, in South America)

  16. Dear Grace, I received your first book yesterday and finished reading it this morning. I’m so happy about it! From now on, whenever my days get a little more on the greyish side, I know how to get my smile back! Even if that means I’ll be awkardly laughing with a book in hand at a public place ^_^ Keep up with the inspiring work!

  17. Hey I would love some advice. I’m 17 years old and traveling to Japan with my boyfriend in 30 days! We do not speak Japanese except for like 3-4 words. Any tips, advice, comments? How will we navigate the narita airport and how well will we do in Japan without knowing the language?

  18. i like to search to japanese husband, coz i lke japanese man.. please help me..thank yoj

  19. Dear Grace,
    Hey, I love your comics. I would buy the book but I don’t have any money, i’m hoping to buy one as soon as possible. Could you possible help me with learning Japanese. I’m trying to learn but I have no one to practice with. Please? Thanks for taking your time and reading this. Have a great day or night!! Bye bye.

  20. Hi Grace,

    I absolutely love your blog. I have been in a long distance relationship now for a year, it has been amazing. I read one of your blogs and learned that you have dated a South African before. I’d hate to ask but, what were some cultural differences and challenges you had in the relationship?
    I am a south African myself and I’m dating an American (we have our share of fights)
    Anything will be useful, thank you!

    Love, Lian

  21. Hi! I am going to be heading over to Japan in a month or so. What are some items you would suggest bringing? I will be there for a month and want to attempt to be prepared!
    Thank you!

  22. Hello,

    I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your LDR articles and found them very inspiring! It helped assured me that I am in this for the right reasons and that I am going about my relationship in a healthy way. Also some really great tips! I find myself going to the LDR subreddit that you suggested. :)

  23. Hi there, Im Martin, and I just stumbled upon your blog by chance. Actually I just (re)started my own blog and was playing with the tools and well… voila! Anyhow, I’m and American living in Tokyo and have been married for roughly 8 years to a Japanese girl. Half of our life together was in the US and the other half in Japan and its been a very interesting and unique ride. I am glad to hear a different perspective via the WFAM(did I get that acronym right? It kinda sounds like a sound effect from 60s batman). Since my situation is far the most common, its not that hard to find posts on… Anyways, keep bloggin, and I’ll keep reading. Cheers

    • Thanks Martin :)

      Oh wow – how has your experience been living in the US and in Japan? Which do you think was easier to live in? (as an interracial/intercultural couple?)

      • Well, the first year of marriage was easily the most difficult. Her first year of living in the US was hard for her. She had never lived on her own before we were married, so it was living with me, and living in South Carolina. The level of stress on her was overwhelming… She couldn’t drive either, so it was almost like living in a cage. I worked 14 hour days at the time, and would make it a point to air her out when I got home, but there was only so much we could do. Coming back to Japan really helped her emotionally, and while I miss the States from time to time… She is much happier here. As far as being an interracial couple, it was much easier in the US… At least in my social circle. Here, because of her very non-Japanese last name, people assume she is not Japanese now. Customers at her work have complimented her on her Japanese, which I think is hilarious.

  24. Hello Grace! new here, and love reading your posts so far :) me too in a long distance relationship, boyfriend is in California – I’m in Indonesia. Perhaps one day I’ll write a guest post on ldr? :)

  25. Hi, I am Phillip.

    I ran into this blog while looking up japanese culture (ok I admit it, I was looking up japanese food). I find your blog interesting and I especially like the lists (listverse or cracked would benefit from some of your insight). Your blog is officially on my list of sites to check out when I’m procrastinating or wanting to learn more about japanese culture as I am yet to travel there myself (I agree with the takoyaki being the best food invented). You have told an amazing story of unity and persistence, and I look forward to reading more. I myself am a chinese who grew up in Australia but have always had a fascination in the interplay between eastern/western culture. Coming from a chinese family there is a lot of explicit racism towards japanese people by the chinese, especially by elders because of WW2. Given your unique position, I would like to get your insight on japanese racism specifically towards chinese people (if any, is it because of a particular event like WW2).

    Btw congratulations on the wedding. I love your kimono pics, you look fantastic in it and it’s a very nice selection of color.

    • Thanks Phillip!

      I’ve actually been DYING to submit an article to Cracked. Back when I first started, I was a huge Cracked addict, so I tried to model my blog after their style. Listicles and funny lists are totally my thing.
      I’m actually thinking of submitting to cracked in the next couple weeks – an article about the weirdest beauty products in Japan (like the claws you put in your mouth to change your mouth shape or the eye widening-headsets).

      Racism in Japan is a whole other article. One that I haven’t touched on because it is such an explosive topic (and there are right-wing radical Japanese groups that will latch onto and cyber bully/stalk/harass foreigners if they find they post “unflattering” content about Japan). Have you heard of those groups?
      I think there is a lot of stereotypes in Japan about different countries, though. Koreans are too emotional/dress funky (everyone blames Kpop). Chinese people are too messy/rude. Americans are way too loud/rude. Africans work for hip-hop stores are are pushy.

      I’ve also found that people tend not to hide their racism. Like it’s not impolite to be racist. I noticed in America, if people had stereotypes, they would be very secretive about it, so they wouldn’t get in trouble. In Japan, though, people just don’t care. It’s… odd…

      • It’s just the culture I suppose. Everyone has thoughts put into there heads and there are pros and cons to every country in there culture but I guess one of the things about Japan is that there tight knit world hasn’t expanded far enough. For example, back in the past Japan was isolated. I’m not sure why there view of other countries can be…narrow minded, a sense of superiority of there culture, I’m not sure but I guess its the norm. I’m just replying about there inability to hide their racism, which you’ve mentioned now is strange. Idk but not everyone is like that but the general public is. Back when I was in high school, possibly in junior year, my teacher traveled with her family to Japan and China. She said that Japan was nice, it was pretty short, like their tiny shoes…and when she talked about China, she mentioned that the people were more social in a good way, more closer to family. I’m not sure exactly where in Japan or China but that was her view and she was like over 6′ tall and American, so I’m sure she had more stares and whispers than she could count haha.

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