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Hikone Castle: A fun day trip in the Shiga Prefecture

I’ve been to a lot of castles in Japan. Some I’ve written about (like Matsumoto Castle, back in 2013)  but most end up in the thousands of backlogged photos I have optimistically squirreled away hoping to “blog about it [...]

23 May, 2016 // 12 Comments

8 Useful Japanese Words & Phrases you DON’T Learn in Class

I moved to Japan with a couple years of Japanese under my belt (after having taken a couple semesters of Japanese languages classes at 2 universities in America and one in Tokyo) and an annoyingly optimistic attitude that I would become fluent in no [...]

2 May, 2016 // 46 Comments

7 (final) things we LOVED in Ghana

And this is the final Ghana-related post! Unless, of course, I decide to do some actually helpful travel-blogging style posts about Ghana in the future which is on my list of things to do but so are about half a million other things (including [...]

26 April, 2016 // 13 Comments

9 Things we LOVED our first week in Ghana

Ryosuke and I have been in Ghana for a bit over a week now – and it’s been a very interesting (and fun!) trip. There’s so much I want to talk about and not enough time so I’ve decided to share with you the highlights of our [...]

29 March, 2016 // 42 Comments

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