Are you and Ryosuke married?

Yes, we (finally) tied the knot on January 2, 2014

How did you two meet?

We met my sophomore year of college (his junior year) when he studied abroad in America at Ursinus College. We lived in the same dorm.

For more on “us,” check out the About the Author page.

It’s a long story. The simple version is that we were on the same intramural soccer team, I twisted my ankle, and he carried me back to the dorm. A couple of weeks later, he got down on one knee with a strawberry ring pop and asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes. After two years of dating (both living in America, both living in Japan, and me living in America/him living in Japan), we tied the knot in a small, rustic ceremony in Texas.

For pictures and anecdote from the wedding: My Big, Fat Texas Wedding (Ryosuke and I finally tied the knot!)

Where do you live?

Right now we live in Tokyo :)

We’ve also spent time living in Pennsylvania, Texas, Akita (Japan), and Ibaraki (Japan). We live in Japan because Ryosuke got a much better job than I did (good for him!). I moved to Japan to be with him right after I graduated from college.

Do you work?

Ryosuke works at a regular Japanese company. I do freelance writing (and blogging) for cash while we wait for Japanese visa paperwork to go through. Once I have a spouse visa, I will start job hunting in Japan.

If you’re new to “Texan in Tokyo,” check out my “New Here?” Page (it’s kind of interesting)

Can you speak Japanese?

Yes. Ish. No one in Ryosuke’s family speaks English – I’ve never had any problems living with them. I’ve been studying Japanese for about 3 years.

I have problems with “formal” Japanese, though. Casual and Formal Japanese are basically two different languages (and really, I’m so bad in formal situations).

What language do you and Ryosuke communicate in?

We speak English. When we first started dating, I barely spoke a word of Japanese. We kind of fell into a rut of speaking English. His English is better than my Japanese, so we mostly converse in English (to avoid misunderstandings). When we are out with Japanese friends, we use Japanese.

Does Ryosuke speak English well?

Yes. His English has improved so much since we first met. He has this cute little Japanese accent (of course), but can nearly understand everything that the characters on How I Met Your Mother say. He’s bad at understanding “British English,” though.

What do you use to draw your comics?

Pen and paper. I tried with a tablet a while ago, but couldn’t get the hang of it. I also use the computer so much for writing/freelancing, so I kind of don’t feel like staring into a computer screen more than I have to.

I carry around this little journal to draw comics on the subway, while waiting for the bus, or lounging around the house.

Can you draw comics for me?

Yes! I draw comics on a freelance basis. If you’re interested, please email me at grbuchele@ursinus(dot)edu

Are you planning on having kids?

Yes, in like 5 – 7 years. We want to enjoy married life first (and we’re far too young/poor to afford children). I want four kids; Ryosuke wants three.

Can you help me find a job in Japan?

I wish! I don’t even have a job here myself.

What blogging platform do you use?

I use WordPress.org hosting with BlueHost. I love both (but each took a while to get used to). I had a blog with WordPress.com (.com and .org are different, it’s confusing) for about a year before making the switch. I don’t regret a thing.

Do you get money from your blog?

Short answer, not really. I wish I did. I recommend a couple of books on Amazon (basically coffee money), but I don’t want to host ads on my site because I think they look a little trashy…


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  1. Love your stories. They are great.

  2. Rajat Gaidhane // 5 August, 2017 at 12:09 pm // Reply

    Hello mam,
    I just want to know that how you upload your comics on Amazon.i mean in which format?..means,you make pdf of all pages on which you wrote/drew and then upload or anything else?..please reply.and I liked you’re comics

  3. Hi Grace and Ryosuke! Been watching your channel for a while, love the two of you and sad that it’s ended but understand.

    Can I ask a professional question? My husband has a podcast and I’ve stumbled over the idea to transcribe it. Found Dragon something, forget the name and other threads said it’s best to literally listen to it and type it out. Any suggestions?

    I know I may not get an answer, but what the heck. My best thoughts to you and your husband and family! ?

  4. Hi, Great site!!

    I found out about it via your comics I purchased on my Amazon Kindle.
    It has inspired me to create my own blog as I’m also living in Japan. I see in your FAQ you are using Bluehost, and I would like to know if you are still using them? I was thinking of signing up with them but have had second thoughts due to a number of complaints. If you are using a different host could you share?


  5. I stumbled upon your blog the other day thru another blog in Japanese, where the topic was on AMWF and you were quoted. My American citizen gf and I (a Yokohama native) both work in the U.S. currently, with me currently on work visa. My gf is a lot like you were when you two first met (she’s for now reciting Ichi, Ni, San, Shi, up to Ju for a starter, while I tell her I really do not care if she doesn’t speak a word of Japanese).

    Anyways, I appreciate (and find interesting) your posts here. Thank you so much (such an inspiring couple you two are).

    One quick question (not urgent): I looked thru your postings and YouTube clips for any “American girl to American girl” advices for my gf (just for the heck of it, so that she might feel less nervous about visiting my family in Japan this fall).

    Keep up your great work. Take care.

  6. Hi Grace, I chanced upon your blog and I must say I absolutely love it! Great job! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on your interracial relationship/marriage, and life in Japan. It’s been a very interesting read. You know, although I am a Chinese female who is incidentally married to a Japanese man, I can relate to some of the good, bag and ugly of your interracial marriage, especially, ‘why don’t you date your own kind? (though no one ever told me to do that to keep my baby’s eye colour).’ Many people think that because we are both Asians, we are somehow the same. Heck no (apart from the natural black hair?), we still have different cultural backgrounds and upbringing, to the point I think my Japanese husband is crazy (and I am darn sure the feeling is mutual). But I must say the worst bit of our interracial marriage is that some people conveniently assumed that I married my husband to raise my social status just because I came from a developing South East Asian country. Pffttt…Anyway, here’s wishing you and Ryousuke lots of love and happiness. xx (Your new fangirl)

  7. Ok, so I stumbled onto your book by accident. Long story. Then read the entire thing and watched your youtube videos and blogs. I totally posted your link on my facebook. Are you a member of Hey Ai and the other AMWF sites? They would love your blog and book. Also, I’m bummed. I predict that once you get a job, have a child, the blogs and books will cease. I also thought about if they made your book into a movie. They did with books like”they serve beer in hell?” and “under the tuscan sun”. Anyways, it would be a funny movie. I’m in L,.A, so movie ideas come out all the time. I really think you can make your book into a movie.My friend is opening his first directorial and starring movie today. its an independent film. Please at least keep us up to date with videos. You can make a future with it. It just hasn’t caught on yet. But it’s like a snowball. As it rolls, it gets bigger.

  8. Hey, I remember in your video you shared that you came to Japan before to study on a scholarship or something that covered everything? could you please link me, so I can apply. I have a big interest in coming to Japan to study.

  9. Is your ursinus.edu account still active? Because it bounced back my email twice.

  10. Grace – I really don’t know what to say, you are now hereby my *idol* and *champion*.

    i’m Not being facetious- i’m being 101% serious! =)

    Much future success in your relationship and best wishes for the future!! :-)))

    All best,
    -an APA gentleman, from Long Island, New York.

  11. You guys are really inspiring. You’ve inspired and motivated me to do the things I used to love so much again. Thank you! Also, I hoped to try studying abroad in Tokyo, so this site really helped me out. Thanks again!

  12. How old are you guys ?

  13. I love your blog , site and the comic book. I d like to order as soon as possible! Thx Pattty

    • Hi Patty,

      Thanks! I’m in the process of setting up a pre-order system for the book (since I funded it through Kickstarter, but can’t accept donations any more through Kickstarter, since the project “finished.”)
      I will send you an email once the pre-order system goes live!

  14. how to delete our stories posted on your blog? Please let me know. (really urgent)

    • If you were the one who posted, you should be able to “edit” or “delete” the comment (I assume you’re talking about stories posted in the comment section). Also, if you wrote a full-length guest post, you can just shoot me a private email and I can delete the post (I’ve done that before).

      Does that make sense?

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