8 Things I Learned Working from Home

1. Spending all day alone makes you “weird.” And not in a good way. In general, I like working alone. I haven’t spent too much time working at a regular company (for reasons I talked about in this post)… so of course my sample set is [...]

15 May, 2015 // 27 Comments


I should have written this post several weeks ago. But I was being stubborn. I thought that if I just pushed through it – like every other time I’ve been “tired of blogging” – than I would eventually get better. [...]

1 May, 2015 // 74 Comments

I’m bad at learning Japanese (and that’s okay with me)

A lot of people here on the internet ask me how I learned Japanese. I took quite a few classes in college, of course, but I did horribly in every single one of them. Truth is, there are a lot of ways to learn a foreign language. In class is a really [...]

8 April, 2015 // 27 Comments

I Love being a Creative… but I Hate being Vulnerable

Creating is an inherently vulnerable process. It’s impossible to create good things without pouring a little bit of yourself into each creation. Believe me, I’ve tried. It would be so much easier if I could separate myself from my [...]

18 March, 2015 // 20 Comments

Confessions: I Feel Unsexy During the Winter

I don’t like winter. I think I like the idea of winter (romantic cuddling in bed, curling up in blankets by the fire to read a book, and drinking hot chocolate while watching the snow fall)… but “real winter” makes me feel [...]

22 February, 2015 // 25 Comments

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