Thank you

This morning I did what I’ve been doing every morning since launching the Kickstarter campaign for my newest comic book, My Life in Japan: checked stats.

It felt like my heart stopped when I saw that (as of this morning), my book is over 1000% funded. I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t still dreaming.

One thousand.

One thousand percent funding.

I can’t describe all the things I’m feeling right now – mostly shock, gratefulness, and giddy excitement (which is what I talked about here).

Thank you. 

Seriously, thank you.

Book cover kickstarter

How did this happen?

I am BEYOND grateful for all the support you have given.

And I can’t get over the fact that this book is going to get into the hands of over 1,300 people now.


There are still 6 days left in this Kickstarter – and I can’t wait to see what happens.

About Grace Buchele Mineta

I got into the writing business by accident. Now I live in the countryside near Tokyo with my husband, Ryosuke, where I draw comics, blog, and make videos about our daily life. Contact: Website | More Posts

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  1. So happy for you Grace!! Keep up the fantastic work =)

  2. Grace, you and Ryosuke already know how we feel about you both and everything you both do and share with us. You deserve all this and more. I am waiting to get the copy of your book from etsy since the money you get is more to you both, plus have to buy another full set for my daughter. And I think it would be awesome to sell this new book in the Japanese version that Ryosuke translated it into cause then you could sell more. I know they would sell too. I would buy one.

    Thanks for all you both share with us and the world, after this take a break and vacation. <3 ;)

  3. Hi Grace! First of all, congratulations! I’ve followed you and your books ever since I moved to Japan, my boyfriend and I love you two (cause basically half the things in your comics happen verbatim to us :P plus I live in Ibaraki, so woo!). I would love to donate to the kickstarter, but since I’m here in Japan I don’t have an online option for payment. Anyway I could do a furikomi? I really want a hard copy this time around!

  4. Hi Grace and Ryosuke,

    I’m a PhD student/candidate in sociology in the US. I started watching your videos because my husband and I moved to a city where we knew no one and I was super lonely since I work at home on my dissertation. During our first few weeks here, I only spoke to my husband and it got depressing for me REAL fast. It doesn’t help that everyone thinks I’m crazy for getting a PhD–on some level, I don’t disagree with them, but its also exhausting to constantly have to defend my life choices. Your videos brighten up my day because it makes me feel “normal” to see someone else work from home AND to live a life where you’re pursuing what you want. I am so happy to support your Kickstarter and to finally achieve my dream of having a POOP HAT!!! (As a side note, we play a lot of board games so I plan to force the losers to wear the hat mwahahah >:) )

    I love that you write about your experiences with Japanese cultural miscommunication. As a fan of manga and anime, I’ve always been interested in Japanese culture. My husband and I are definitely going on our honeymoon in Japan in 2017 and your videos have helped me understand Japanese culture more. I also love your insights on interracial relationships. My husband and I are also an interracial couple (he’s Jewish/white and I’m Filipino/Asian) so I can definitely relate to these posts! I can’t wait until the world is filled with multiracial children, so race won’t be such a big deal anymore. Everyone will be mutts!

    Sorry for this long post, but I am so grateful that Youtubers/bloggers like you exist and I can somehow thank you for all of your hard work and dedication! Take care and good luck with the campaign!


  5. I am looking forward to your new comic book. I think you are an awesome person and artist. Please keep sharing. Also really enjoy your A Day in My Life videos.

  6. Tuomas Jukkola // 28 February, 2016 at 1:38 am //

    Pledged for all the books but then I realised that there was a books+poop hat bundle also. Oh well. Maybe I’m able to get a poop hat some other time.

  7. More than 1300 fans and still counting!! Ryosuke and you must be, and deserve to be, on cloud 9…..

  8. Daniel Hindson // 27 February, 2016 at 9:21 pm //

    Congratulations! You deserve your success and so grateful to have met you. As a sub I enjoy following what you both do. Cheers!

  9. Congratulations! I am soo excited for you!! im just waiting until payday, I want me some books!!!
    BTW we are so hooked on your youtube videos, we’ve been watching in our down time since we discovered your channel, we think you and ryosuke are awesome!
    keep up the great work!

  10. I love your stuff! Your comics, your writing, your videos. I am genuinely excited that your Kickstarter was such an immense success. Congratulations!

    I would also like to add that when I read the funding amount you were hoping for, I was wondering why you set the threshold so low, because I was pretty sure you would hit the mark without needing the full 14 days, and could probably have asked for more. ^^

  11. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you Grace! :) I can’t wait to get the book into my hands!

    Pam x

  12. Congratulations from Strasbourg (France) !

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