Comic: I’m a tomato!!!

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I have a surprisingly dark complexion (for a white person, at least). I have a bit of Native American blood in me and spend a ridiculous amount of time outside (even in the winter). Combined, that means that I’m usually more tan than all of my Japanese female friends/family.

Our old landlady in Tokyo used to get onto me about wearing tank-tops in the summer, when I walked Ryosuke to the train station. She was worried I would become tan and ugly and Ryosuke wouldn’t love me anymore (click here to check out that comic).

At the time, I thought it was funny. Now I’m not sure if I should be offended or not.


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11 Comments on Comic: I’m a tomato!!!

  1. I sunburnt really bad second day in Japan, because it didn’t occur to me you can still sunburn pretty badly on a hot cloudy day. I spent the next two weeks as a graphic example of exactly how red and peeling Northern European skin can get.

    I had this moment looking into the mirror of the washroom in Fukuoka, and wanting to cry, then I thought, hah, it’s ok. I’m not here to stun Japan with my dazzling good looks.. People can be amused/pity me/wonder why I’m so red. It’s ok.

  2. She was just being an ass in my opinion . Your husband did not marry you because You have white skin ONLY I hope lol

  3. Even when I apply sun blocker, I’ll turn red sooner or later anyway. The only difference is that I only turn light read instead of cooked octopus red. When I went to Ishigaki two weeks before, I used sun blocker every hour, used a towel to cover my back… and still got sunburnt.

    Also I think that it makes a big difference whether an Asian or Westener is tanned. I am as pale as a corpse, so I try to get tanned at least a little bit so I won’t look sick. But even though I am ‘tanned’, my skin is still lighter than those of my Asian friends. And of course I turn red as fast as a lobster thrown into boiling water.

  4. YIKES! I know from personal experience(s) that sunburn can be painful. And it can lead to skin cancer when you get older. I know that, too, from personal experience!

  5. Reminds me of a crazy traffic day,standing forever under the sun hoping to find an empty taxi to drive by

  6. Cool Grace! My wife is blonde hair, blue eyes, is mostly of French and Irish heritage, but she has one great-grandmother who was Cherokee! She is very proud of her Native American heritage. I find women with Native American blood to be very beautiful!

  7. Grace, I exercise and I look like a tomato. It is hot and I look like a tomato. I forgot to reapply sunblock and I turn into an apple, with blisters and the whole she-bang. But, I always go back to being as white as ever. When I was younger, this used to bother me…but then, I moved to Taiwan….

    You just gave me a great idea for a blog post! So, thank you…..!!! :)

    Happy Sunday! Will be in contact with you soon about my ideas for a guest post.

  8. You have to reapply sunscreen every couple of hours!! :o
    I’m whiter than a ghost but I LOVE that Japanese people are really about it, because back home in Miami everyone likes being tan. For me personally, my skin doesn’t tan AT ALL so I stopped trying and embrace my pastey whiteness.
    I have seen those pictures from when you guys were out travelling more and the sunkissed skin suits you sooooo well. :D

  9. Aweeee….Grace he laughed at you. But its okay we love you. And he loves you too.

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