Comic: I want to grow my beard back!

YB_05_12 japan comic comics cartoon texan in tokyo grow my beard back

Ryosuke had to shave his little goatee when he started work last year. I drew a comic about it.

Actually, this was the first comic I drew (in Japan).

I drew it on some printer paper lying on the tatami mat while we were visiting Ryosuke’s parents in Ibaraki, just to make him laugh. Later, I snapped a picture on his iPhone and uploaded it onto my personal Facebook page. A bunch of friends and family members wrote really supportive comments – telling me I should upload comics onto my blog!

So I did.

And eight months later, I wrote and released my first comic book. The rest is history.

(this is the last comic about Ryosuke quitting his job, by the way. Back to “regular comics” [whatever that means] now!)



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5 Comments on Comic: I want to grow my beard back!

  1. Well my husband kept me in the house when I quit my job I gained so much weight XD He had to change his mind after and pay for my gym membership XD

  2. The beard. I hate the beard. I wish my Asian guy couldn’t grow one!

  3. It is great that you got support right from the beginning and it was a wonderful idea you continued :)

  4. I remember it! Plus have all your books. We love you both and love reading your blogs, watching your vlogs and comics. But just remember to take a break for you both so you don’t get stressed or burnt out. <3

  5. Behind the Story // 29 September, 2015 at 12:33 pm //

    That was a good start. How quickly you moved from that first comic (in Japan) to three published books!!! Wow!

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