Comic: Ryosuke is so tall

YB_4_23 japan comic comics cartoon texan in tokyo Ryosuke is tall

Ryosuke finally got glasses!

He’s been wearing contacts for most of his adult life (because he hated the way glasses looked on his face). However, with the amount of time he spends studying, reading, or on the computer, he wanted to try to slowly transition over the glasses.

He got a nice, sexy pair of black frames that have the built-in glass that cuts damage from computer/smartphone use.

It’s surprising how much of a difference a good pair (as opposed to awkward, unfashionable) glasses can make!

Also. Ryosuke is tall. Like, really tall. I forget that sometimes, but he really is.


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16 Comments on Comic: Ryosuke is so tall

  1. How tall is Ryosuke?

  2. I like all the new technology available (like the anti-glare) for glasses. It makes wearing glasses less painful for everyday life. I still don’t like to wear them when working out though!

  3. Blog about getting glasses in Japan. They’re WAY cheaper than in America and they’re ready that day? Worth a video, I say!!

  4. How tall is Ryosuke?

  5. Too cute. I am 5’1 my husband is 5’9

    • Haha!! It seems like “Plus 8″ is the wild card for both of us! I’m 5’10” and my wife is 5’2″! She loves to joke about her height (curiously, she’s self-conscious that she wears glasses/contacts), saying things like, “You look OVER the steering wheel. I look UNDER the steering wheel!” Or, “I love going grocery shopping with you, because YOU can reach the items on the upper shelves!” And, “I’ll look at and get things from the bottom shelves. You can look at and get things from the upper shelves!”

  6. Yeah, put a photo on the website please!

  7. P J Ebbrell // 22 September, 2015 at 2:13 am //

    I am 6ft 3″ and my wife is 5ft 4″ with two daughters 5ft 10″ – you can guess which side of the family they take after. My sisters is 5ft 11″ and her hubby is only 5ft 6″.

    I prefer glassed to contact after scary moments with scapels.

  8. Tell Ryosuke he is a young Clark Kent and when he takes off the glasses her turns into your Superman! ;)

    It also seems like everyone is taller than me but that’s okay, some people call me mighty midget! LOL

  9. Milli from Germany ;) // 21 September, 2015 at 11:05 pm //

    Haha, when we all left the cafe after the meet up, I suddenly realized how tall Ryosuke is (and awkwardly told him so)! :D

  10. Haha!! I’m 5’10”, and my wife is 5’2″! As mentioned in your “insecurities” blog post, my wife amazingly loves to joke about her height, and her big nose, which makes her cool! Yet, she is very sensitive about: Her small chest, her freckles (she has six light ones on her nose), and that she wears glasses and contacts! When we first started dating, as a joke, I told her, “I would never date a girl who wears glasses,” she almost started crying. But, in all seriousness, my wife feels SO much more confident when she wears her contacts, instead of her glasses. She was so shy and self-conscious when she started wearing glasses at 10 years, that when she got contacts at 12, she was so religious about wearing them!

  11. How tall is Ryosuke?

  12. I agree, being a glasses wearer myself, a good frame makes all the difference! Hope Ryosuke’s glasses get featured in a photo or ‘daily life’ vlog soon! :)

  13. So cute! :-)

  14. Picture picture!! :D

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