Fun at the Fukuroda Falls in Ibaraki, Japan

Recently Ryosuke and I went to Fukuroda Waterfall, aka “Japanese Niagara Falls” in Ibaraki.

Oh my gosh, we're getting tan. Hahaha.

Oh my gosh, we’re getting tan. Hahaha.


He first told me about the waterfalls a year and a half ago (posing it as a nice day-trip while we were visiting his family out in Ibaraki). I put it on my short-list of places to go… but pretty far down on my short list.

Waterfalls are fun and all, don’t get my wrong. But it’s a waterfall.

Are waterfalls really that interesting?

Japan Travel Fukuroda falls Ibaraki

I’m happy to say, though, that Fukuroda Falls left me pleasantly surprised.

Fukuroda Falls (袋田の滝) are a 120 meter fall series of waterfalls in Daigo, Ibaraki. In the winter, the falls freeze (and apparently you can climb them with special gear). In the summer, radiate a nice misty breeze onto the lower concrete observation deck.

It is a multi-step waterfall, with four drops.

Japan Travel Fukuroda falls Ibaraki

From the ticket gate, it is a short hike in a cool, creepy concrete sewer-like thing to the first concrete observation deck.

For the sake of this post (I actually miss doing travel-related blog posts, to be honest. I know they’re not as popular and never get as many views/shares/comments as my comics, but I really do enjoy writing them), I hiked a bit off to the side, so y’all could see how close the observation deck is to the falls.

Japan Travel Fukuroda falls Ibaraki

There is also a small shrine.

Because it’s Japan and there are always small shrines.

Japan Travel Fukuroda falls Ibaraki

You can take an elevator up 100 meters or so, to a wooden platform that affords a better view of the falls. Keep in mind, though, in the summer it is bloody hot (and doesn’t have much shade)!

You can’t tell here, but we’re both sweating like a manic.

Japan Travel Fukuroda falls Ibaraki

There are numerous hiking trails off to the side of the falls – just across the bridge – that are free to explore.

We weren’t aware of the hiking trails ahead of time and sadly didn’t bring durable shoes, so we had to skip that part.

Japan Travel Fukuroda falls Ibaraki


Fukuroda Falls were a fun mini-trip. I’m not sure they’re worth the several hour drive from Tokyo… but if you’re living out near Northern Ibaraki, I totally recommend checking them out.

I know if I lived closed, I would be there every month for some fun (free) hiking.

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14 Comments on Fun at the Fukuroda Falls in Ibaraki, Japan

  1. As an Ibarakian…(is that a word?) …might I add a few suggestions. The soba in that area is a must-have! And homemade konnyaku is with yuzu is tasty as vegetarian “sashimi”

    While you are up in the Fukuroda Falls area…you might wanna check out the Ryuujin suspension bridge…it’s a sight-seeing hot spot.

    And…they have a hot spa near Daigo – with water slides, hot water baths, sauna, and more. With a campground right next to it. Nice for a camping trip if you are into camping.

  2. My wife’s hometown is in Tohoku/Iwate Ken. So,’next time we are there to see her family we’ll give the falls a try. Looks quite beautiful!

  3. I loved this Travel posts, but I am biased cause I love all your posts! Thank you for this post cause we now have another place to see when we come to visit before we move to Japan. YAY! Arigatou Gozaimasu Grace and Ryosuke! <3

  4. When I was younger, we went to Expo 86 in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, and the name of our hotel was “The Niagara.” Well, I thought “Niagara” was a JAPANESE name, pronounced “NEE-a-GA-ra!!” So, my family always laughed at how I thought it was a Japanese hotel named Nee-a-ga-ra!

  5. Gempantski // 7 August, 2015 at 1:56 am //

    The nicest waterfall i have visited was a place called Rutter Falls, its in the Lake District. We stayed in the old watermill right next door to the falls. Was so noisey! But beautiful! I find them so peaceful but also have the up most respect for the awesome power they hold!

  6. Jessicavy // 7 August, 2015 at 1:50 am //

    That looks so fun! I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting Niagra Falls, but last year I saw Snoqualmie Falls in Washington state. The viewing platforms were arranged similarly to where you visited and it was a great experience! I enjoy your travel posts.

  7. Very pretty! Next up, pictures of you in crampons climbing up the winter falls, please. ;)

  8. Grace and Ryosuke, small world! My Dad, on HIS mother’s side, has some roots in Osaka, specifically Ibaraki!

  9. Looks so beautiful there! I love waterfalls!

  10. Wow! The waterfalls look amazing. I’m glad you guys enjoyed your day out. I can definitely see people climbing up there when it’s frozen. But even in summers, they look climbable (at least judging from pictures), and I’m sure it will be a good heat relief!

    I’ve never been to Japan, but for sure the waterfalls will be on my to-climb-list if I go to Ibaraki. :)

  11. The observation deck is so close to the water! You should do more of this blogs, they are fun and it helps foreigners like us to find cool and not so popular places.

    Also, your swaety pic…so funny! xD

  12. For what it’s worth: I greatly enjoy reading about other people’s travel experiences, especially when they tell a bit more than what you could read in your standard guide book.
    You know, personal impressions, the little things that are easily brushed over, places that are rather authentic than special and just nice to visit – but not iconic enough to make it into the official tourist recommendations.

    So, please, don’t let the general excitement for your comics (which I totally share!) keep you from sharing your travel adventures! I’m sure there’s plenty of readers who’ll enjoy it just as much as I do :)

    • Richard A. // 12 August, 2015 at 3:16 am //

      Second the motion! Please do continue to share travel adventures. Among other reasons, it’s the only way many of us have for visiting Japan and getting to see the out-of -the-way places that are usually missed in the standard fare; just discovered this post today (8/11) and definitely agree with Haasio’s comment, in its entirety.

  13. Jarod Muncy // 6 August, 2015 at 9:44 pm //

    The pic where you say you’re sweating, you look mad. Poor Ryosuke. Grace, you should write more travel posts (with pictures). Through you, I’ve learned how beautiful Japan really is. Can’t wait to go someday.

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