Comic: Running out of shelf space…

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Ryosuke recently discovered the public library about 8km from our house. We don’t have a car – so biking like 16km (round trip) means he must really, really want those books.

I think they let you check out like 20- 30 books, though, because I came home one day and found both our bookshelves completely full of books. It’s not just his books, of course, I’ve also been picking up more (very random) books written in English, from the 100yen ($1) section of any “Book Off” chain used bookstore, every time I go into Tokyo.

So we did the only logical thing – bought another bookshelf.

One of the great things about being only partially employed (and having VERY long commutes into Tokyo 2-5 times a month) means that I get plenty of time to read books :)


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15 Comments on Comic: Running out of shelf space…

  1. I have no idea how I will ever get my books out of my parent’s house now. There are something like twenty boxes of them or more and I have no space in my current apartment. That has prevented me from buying more at the moment. I just get new ones on my kobo now but I miss my collection.

  2. rofl Grace…i think this comic is one of my favorites now

    i bet he is buy renting books on poop or toilets

  3. Jessicavy // 22 July, 2015 at 12:41 am //

    Hahaha! I’m like this too. The last time my husband and I moved, I was convinced I’d be able to get rid of at least half my books to make the move easier, but as I sat in front of the bookshelf I just couldn’t pick a single book to get rid of.

  4. Stephanie // 21 July, 2015 at 3:08 pm //

    I often look around my tiny room and feel sad that I don’t have room for more books. Sometime I think, “Do I really need such a large dresser for my clothes? I could totally use some of those drawers to hold more books.” This is clearly an addiction suffered by many.

  5. I refused to buy another book shelf as there are mostly more crap than books in it XD

  6. It might be fun if you tell us what some of the random books you bought were about. Fun to know your interests. I did down size some of my books and putting some on rummage sale for twenty five cents to give people in my town a thrill … and it is working. Still keeping plenty to read and all of my quilting books, and some drawing books. Moving again so time to rethink things.

  7. Ha how fitting my library recently posted this on their FB page:

    “Too many books”? I believe the phrase you’re looking for is “not enough bookshelves.”

  8. Oww, so curious, what kind of random books have you scored? Finding a good one in the dollar bin (especially in a foreign country) is like winning the lottery!!

  9. I too am an avid reader and thought I would never ever get rid of any of my books. Oddly enough, moving about 20 boxes of books every year finally brought me to my breaking point. I thoroughly scrutinized each and every book I owned and asked myself, are you really going to read this again?

    It was really difficult but oddly liberating. I will only be moving 4 boxes of books this year.

  10. Oh, yes. We used to have books in a China cabinet even.

  11. Richard // 20 July, 2015 at 4:29 pm //

    If Ryosuke calls you ‘honey,’ he is a remarkable Japanese husband indeed! What a bargain if you can buy books for 100 yen! I wonder what some of the titles are?

  12. Ha! I used to be an avid reader through elementary school through high school–often working on two books at the same time (one at school and one at home). Then that slowed down with college–mostly summertime reading–and slowed down even more post college because of work and family.

    But I still collect books that I will “read one day” or have on my shelf the books I’ve previously read and really liked so want to keep. And there’s never enough book shelf space!

  13. That’s so sweet! Meanwhile, Andy sneaks boxes of my books to the used book store.

  14. It’s probably not possible to film and talk inside a library, but video about Japanese libraries would be cool.

  15. Haha!! Does Ryosuke call you “Honey?” I call my wife “Honey,” and I love it! Looks like Ryosuke has picked up on the American there! By the way, I love how you put the “heart” in the caption balloon all the time!

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