Comic: My pain tastes delicious

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We all handle stress in different ways.

For me, I react differently depending WHAT kind of stress it is. If it’s something that is completely out of my control (ie book stuff, problems with printing, worried about a shipment, something isn’t working right), I cook. Mostly hamburgers, hash (potatoes and meat), and anything oily.

When it IS something I can control (ie looming deadlines, book stuff, the future), I will lock myself in my “work room” and keep working until it is done. Or at least closer to being done.

What about you?

[PS – this should be the last comic posted on my blog, that also appears in Confessions of a Texan in Tokyo. I will be making new comics starting tomorrow!]


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22 Comments on Comic: My pain tastes delicious

  1. Ha! Just change the captions in your cartoon to me cooking ham, cornbread, and black-eyed peas, and my husband asking “Homesick?” and it would be us!
    We lived away from Texas for a long time so whenever I got to feeling a little homesick, that was my comfort food. :)

  2. I HAD to come back to this. Last week i discovered a tooth broke in half, and i am pretty sure i have to pull it out. The day i realized this, i made the most amazing brownie cake. But of course, my inner pain was too distressing to actually document the process for my cooking blog -_-;; LOL

  3. Hamburgers… yumm ^^. When I’m stressed I listen to a lot of guilty pleasure songs or drown myself in a good book. Anything to escape reality. It works, most of the time, and then I’m ready to go ^^

  4. grace are those safety glasses on your eyes? or just magic glasses? Either way i’m curious.

  5. When I am stressed, I procrastinate and look at blogs online… ^^
    I’m excited to see your new comics!

  6. William // 27 June, 2015 at 3:50 am //

    Ok, weird question here, but are you wearing googles in frames two and three? If these are indeed goggles why do you wear them when cooking?

  7. I got this from when I worked as a lifeguard at the pool: After a tough stressful day (usually during the summer, after these “day camp swims,” when my shift was over, I’d take a shower, and somehow I felt better EMOTIONALLY! I’d tell myself, “I’m cleaning off all the ‘much’ from this week!”

  8. Richard // 26 June, 2015 at 8:27 pm //

    If the stress is not too, too much, I take a nap. If it is too intense for me to sleep it off, I listen to soothing, kinda quiet music while I snack on something salty. The latter always helps but it ain’t so good for my waistline.

  9. Well, not surprising, “pain” means “bread” in french :3

    • Too bad bread requires so much down time. Otherwise it would be a great stress reliever. Although, maybe just having fresh homemade bread would be enough.

  10. I am terrible at managing stress.
    When things get bad, I go for a walk to help clear my head (and remind myself that there’s a whole world outside that’s just fine). It helps take the immediacy out of the situation.

    But now I want to come up with a destressing cooking ritual. It sounds deliciously productive!

  11. I start cleaning the apartment. It takes my mind off things (and makes the apartment clean). Hamburgers sound delicious! I wouldn’t mind eating one now…

  12. I plan, write the things down and take awhile to sit there and go through in my mind before I do it so let myself get familiarized with what I have to do before doing it:)

  13. Ashley makes baked goods!

  14. Did Ryosuke get a new job?

  15. Sometimes you do what you have to do just to relax. I’ve been having to get ready for a move with my fiancee. When I get very stressed I lay out in the sun to just relax. It is a hot Texas summer so I went from being like a ghost to OMG tan in three days from just trying to get everything set up.

  16. I color when I’m stressed. It’s really relaxing.

  17. Great news about the beginning of your 4th book ☺.
    cooking Hamburgers is way far beyond my imagination hahaha. In my case, when I get stressed I handwash the dishes ’till I cool down.

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