Comic: How did he become an actor?

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Oh my gosh. I’m typing this from backstage at a studio (with Ryosuke’s smarto) in Tokyo because I got a last-minute TV gig and Ryosuke’s smartphone is really hard to use and I forgot to set something up to publish this morning even though I knew I was going to be gone all day and I’m pretty sure this is a run-on sentence and I will probably fix it when I get home.

But maybe I won’t.

Oops they need to put the mic on now.

I hope this comic makes sense.

[Edit – I’m at home now and I’ve decided not to change the description. It’s oddly fitting. I’m also totally not saying what TV show we were watching because this is a pretty famous celebrity and I don’t want to gather the fury of fangirls/fanboys].


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23 Comments on Comic: How did he become an actor?

  1. Anonymous // 27 August, 2015 at 7:06 pm //

    Ive just started to read your comics and i really like your work. ?❤

  2. I’m gonna take a wild guess and bet you were watching Do-S Deka which is my favorite drama this season lmao

  3. I’ve seen it in both Japanese and Korean dramas.. the boy band singer is often a primary male lead, but he doesn’t act very well. I also sometimes wonder if the storyline is intended to protect the male singer’s reputation (especially in Korean dramas) because the record companies are really careful to protect their reputations.

  4. lakerzombie // 19 June, 2015 at 5:09 am //

    This happens a lot in the United States as well. More so with movies. A singer will be cast in a movie or a “celebrity” will release an album. And I use the word celebrity loosely.

  5. Grace, what TV show were you on?

  6. If you’re talking about who I think you’re talking about…I completely agree!

  7. Hey Grace. I love this. You frequently have me giggling to myself as I read your comics. Keep being awesome.

  8. Soooo curious to know who this is I love JDramas and I know quite a few actors haha!

  9. When I came to Japan, there was this miniseries I really enjoyed. It wasn’t until three years later I learned that the main actor, a boy in his early teens, was a Johnny’s singer/dancer. Mind, he’s a fine dancer, but I do not feel he can sing very well. He’s a better actor.

  10. Couteau suisse idol :) Today I planned my video to show up at 19pm instead of 7 am FAIL!

  11. This happens all the time, especially for “Johnnys” to make them even more popular. And a few of them are actually really good actors, but like you said, some aren’t. But as they’re popular, I guess it still works out. XD

    There’s a singer in pretty much every second Japanese drama. Just like others I’m curious what drama and singer you were talking about. (*_*)b

  12. Is this the same way Billie Piper got the part of Rose on “Dr. Who?”

  13. As a japanese dorama’s fan, I’m dying to know who you were talking about (although I think probably know already) haha XD

  14. haha! this…is sadly true. although I still love my dramas. you get used to it? lol!

    • The part about everyone refusing to name names is the funniest part to me because, while I’m not huge into J/K-dramas, though I’m getting there), I’ve seen how rabid fans can get on various comms and I could totally see a bunch of fanboys/girls descending on the comments like a rain of fire.

  15. What drama was it?

    • Maybe this drama Kyo wa Kaisha Yasumimasu. The male lead Sota Fukushi is mostly a terrible actor but many love him for his cute face. IMO

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