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How did you find my blog?

I get about 1,000 – 3,000 views a day from search engines (usually Google search). Most people don’t stick around (of course) – they just needed specific information from a post I write.

But some people do stick around and check back every couple months for new content.

In any case, I can see most of the search terms people type into Google – and find my blog. Every couple days, I get some variation of “Is Ryosuke married?” or “Ryosuke married.”

I later found out they were checking to see if the Hey! Say! Jump member Ryosuke Yamada is married or not (for the record, I have no idea).


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About Grace Buchele Mineta

I got into the writing business by accident. Now I live in the countryside near Tokyo with my husband, Ryosuke, where I draw comics, blog, and make videos about our daily life. Contact: Website | More Posts

61 Comments on Comic: Googling “Ryosuke”

  1. I found your blog through youtube. I’d first heard of you guys through Rachel and Jun, and then I clicked on a couple of your videos. I’m not sure how it happened, but I really enjoyed watching all the videos you guys would post and it was just a spiral from there.
    I’m guilty, I’m one of those that watches and rewatches your “Day in My Life” videos, which probably makes me sound like creep, but in all honesty its like, “hey they’re waking up” and I’m like “me too and waking up sucks, how do you do it?” in the sense that I don’t feel lonely and it feels like I have companions. Also helps when I’m doing homework and in the videos you guys are also working. I’ve learned that I have the type of personality in which if no one else is working, I feel less inclined to focus on my work. So I just wanted to say thank you about a million times!! for that.
    I also absolutely love your travel videos, all the temples are so beautiful and I really wish I could be there too. and I’ve also already bought all of your comic books and I’m hooked!
    Because you guys have helped me learn so many new things, i feel like you guys are very dear friends even though you guys have no idea who i am. hahaha Keep it up!!

  2. I found you through YouTube suggestions and then fell in love with your videos, blogs, and especially your comics. I think that’s what really made me stick around

  3. I found your blog through green-eyed geisha which changed in sound princess, but ultimately is defunct now. I am fascinated by gaijins prescriptive living in Japan, not the passer-throughers but those emotionally invested. It has been fun reading your blog on drinks, recipes, and understanding the culture better.

  4. I discovered your blog from watching videos on youtube

  5. Mahansa // 31 July, 2015 at 5:48 pm //

    hi grace, i found your interesting blog and youtube channel after lister to just japan podcast hosting by keving o’shea. glad to find you…

  6. Natalie // 19 July, 2015 at 8:45 pm //

    I found you from a Rachel and Jun video but now I’m subscribed to your YouTube too :) I love your videos!

  7. I found your blog because I’m subscribed to your youtube channel, which I found by watching Rachel and Jun’s videos, so yay! And of course I stayed because I love your comics and posts :D

  8. I came across your books on Amazon, which lead me to your blog. Love it! Keep it up!

  9. I was already watching from Rachel and Jun, and found one of their videos that featured you and Ryousuke. I checked out your channel after seeing you two in that video, and I liked what I found. Informative, entertaining content, and a new author on my favorites list!

  10. I was feeling natsukashii for japan, since it was a year since I was there.. and was looking on youtube for “a day in the life” videos for japan. I found yours and honestly I think you two are my favorite you tube couple. Not that I’ve seen a ton, but I just like how you’re natural, don’t try too hard, and still super fun. Also your videos have great variety!!! Ganbatte grace-chan! I will keep watching/ reading to cure my japan-homesickness (^__^)v

  11. je vous ai trouvé avec un lien sur mon mari coréen,je lis difficilement l’anglais mais vos blogs et dessins sont si amusant…

  12. Hi Grace!
    I found your blog almost two years ago and realized now that I never said hi.
    At that time I was looking for some advice concerning a specific clash of opinions with my Japanese boyfriend (I’m European). I never got any advice on that, but I stuck with your blog. And I’m still with my boyfriend, so I guess this conflict was not too bad ;)
    Keep on wth your blog, you’re great!

  13. I just kind of stumbled over your YouTube channel quite a while ago… and was hooked pretty much immediatly :). Well, one thing led to the next and here I am.
    And, surprisingly, I love it. (Surprisingly because I’ve never actually read, let alone followed, a blog and now I’ve been binge-reading Posts for the last 2 1/2 hours…) I think it’s great how you cover a wide variety of topics and your comics are just adorable!!

    I’ve noticed that your first comic book is no longer available on Amazon (except for the kindle version). Have you actually sold them all (in that case: congrats!) or can I still get one elsewhere?

  14. Hi Grace! I found you after watching Sharla in Japan’s videos which led me onto you somehow. I have since purchased both your comics on Amazon and I have become infatuated with Japanese culture. I tried mochi for the first time today and loved it! Thanks for your awesome videos and blogs. Zahra from London, UK.

  15. If I remember correctly this blog surfaced when I googled “internship in Japan”. I kinda stayed, to be more precise, this became part of my daily web routine.
    Damn, that was a year ago! (I’m doing an internship in Japan right now by the way \o/)

  16. Eric Janson // 9 June, 2015 at 8:37 pm //

    As for me, I was googling Hakodate in planning for a trip there, and for some reason your blog came in way high on the list. Anthing called Texan in Tokyo was going to get clicked on. You have a magnetic appeal to Google Search I guess. Maybe Marvin can figure out why…

  17. Hi, I found your blog via Youtube. I was watching a video of Rachel and Jun and your video appeared on the right side ;) Have a wonderful week :)

  18. Anonymous // 9 June, 2015 at 1:37 pm //

    I found your blog when I googled, how to find a Japanese guy. I would love to date a Japanese man!!!!(*^-^*)

  19. I found your blog through Youtube! :) I think it was a collaboration video with Rachel & Jun or some other Japanese youtuber :) Now I check your blog almost everyday ;)

  20. I found you your blog from the My Korean Husband blog. I love the comics you and her make they are so funny

  21. Found you on Amazon first. I scour Amazon for my-life-in-Japan books that are Unlimited Prime. At the end of book 1, I had to have book 2. At the end of book 2, I was like, hm, wonder if there’s a website.

  22. Your blog was one of the first I found on AMWF couples.

    The majority of searches for my blog are, sadly, related to porn or the hunt for an escort service.

    I kind of wish my Asian guy had the name of a guy in a band.

  23. I found your blog on Google after searching for information about AMWF couples (first I found your tumblr blog and then your wordpress blog). By that time I was doing a research for my novel (a story with a French girl who falls in love with a Japanese guy) and your blog provided me with so much useful information!!! (Now it still helping me on the editing process) In a couple of months my novel will be completed so if I managed to get it published, you and your blog will be definitely the first name in the acknowledgments/ dedication page! :)

  24. After googling the other Ryosuke. Your’s is the best!

  25. I’m pretty sure I found your blog when searching for people’s opinions on Japanese vs American bras lol

  26. Found you on YouTube following a path of apartment tours (interesting how people deal with living in small spaces and made me appreciate what I considered to be my small kitchen). By the way, love your book.

  27. Anonymous // 8 June, 2015 at 10:48 pm //

    I found you on YouTube and read that you had a blog.

  28. Louis B (French) // 8 June, 2015 at 10:25 pm //

    I found you on YouTube when you did a collaboration with Rachel from Rachel and Jun, and came over to the blog after that. PS: I don’t understand English very well because i’m French. Thank you to subtitle your videos entirely. So If it’s possible. I love your works and Riosuke is very funny.

  29. oh my gosh, yamada ryosuke! i haven’t thought about him in years O___O anyway, i found your youtube channel through rachel and jun (i think it might have been before you collab’d…like you left a comment on their video or smth?) and through that found your blog…i enjoy every post:) and i will buy your comics when i’m back in america :-D (moving back 6.18woowoo~)

  30. Shelly V. // 8 June, 2015 at 9:47 pm //

    I found you on YouTube, and came over to the blog after that…

  31. Anonymous // 8 June, 2015 at 9:36 pm //

    not sure how I came to your blog but I suppose you were featured somewhere else cause I read AMWF blogs quite a bit. I first stumbled upon ‘the good, the bad of AMWF relationships’ article and I kept coming back. Keep it up ^_^ !

  32. Rachael // 8 June, 2015 at 9:10 pm //

    I found your blog googling somthing along the line of Texan living in Tokyo, because I live in Texas and I’m moving to tokyo. Your blog was the first link! I have enjoyed learning little bits about Japan since!

  33. i honestly forgot.
    but i didn’t read your blog from the first time i discovered it. only recently i started visiting on a regular basis =P

  34. I found you on Amazon, when I was searching for books related to cross-cultural marriage!

  35. Right now I also wonder how I found your blog :o
    I only know that it was through a search engine so I guess it might have been through another blog

  36. I was looking for other women married to Japanese men resources like books or blogs and I found your site :)

  37. I started reading your blog after watching one of your videos on Youtube since I’ve been wondering what it would be like to live in Japan. Your comics are absolutely adorable!

    P.S. I’m a fan of Hey! Say! JUMP :D I found it super awesome that you drew him in the comic.

  38. hahaa! Interesting! Yeah, back when I blogged in written form, I wrote about going to the butterfly rainforest on Mainau Island here in Germany once, and then I ended up getting a lot of traffic from people searching about butterflies :D

  39. I dont remember how I found you :? But now I got your comics on my email %)

  40. Paulina // 8 June, 2015 at 2:00 pm //

    I found your blog because I was looking for tips on surviving a long distance relationship, and I fell in love with your story ❤️ Mu relationshio didn’t work out but I’m so happy yours did :)

    Can’t wait to read more about you and Ryosuke

  41. I became aware of your page thru your guest blog on “My Hong Kong Husband” =)

  42. I found out about your blog after you did the first video with Rachel from Rachel and Jun. I mostly just watch your youtube channel but I really like your comics so I click on them whenever you post the links on facebook. Love your first book btw, planning on getting the second one as soon as i get the money to do so

  43. I started following you on Youtube because of the Rachael and Jun video of Japanese husbands. I watched all your videos and found I really enjoyed them so I liked your FB page and that led me to your comics that I spent the next 3 days reading. I then relized I was seeing your writing turn up on other places I follow such as Gaijinpot and Rocketnews247! You guys are great and I hope that when my husband, son and I move to Japan I can meet you irl and tell you thank you for being such a great person to share your life with us so I am a little less lonely for 大人 time.

    Thank you for sharing your goofy, happy, sad, sleepy, excited, worried, and joyful moments with us!

  44. WendyNJ // 8 June, 2015 at 12:49 pm //

    Found you via youtube, but as part of a list of “recommended for you” videos after I watched someone’s video about living in a small apartment/living in general in Japan (and I was watching THAT video for some other random reason)! Anyway, a semi-roundabout way to find your blog, but I’m now a die hard fan!! In the space of a few weeks, I’ve watched most of your videos, read your two comic books, and ordered the third – but am still reading through your blog!

  45. I found you thanks to an article in the Japan Times!

  46. I saw you in Rachel & Jun’s video on youtube about having American wives and was curious about your experience^^

  47. I found your YouTube channel first through watching Rachel and Jun! :3 the blog was secondary to the videos for me.

  48. When I first started dating my (now) husband, I was googling for information on AMWF couples. Yours was the first AMWF blog I read!

  49. I was looking for advice dealing with long distance intercultural relationships. I read your long distance posts, then moved on to your other posts, and now I read it frequently. :D

  50. I don’t know how I found this blog, but it was before you being active on youtube.
    Probably it was in a guest post somewhere…

  51. I found your blog on youtube as a suggestion. Since I follow sharla’s channel and rachael and Jun. You only had a few subscribers and just really liked your videos. I usually never comment on anything but I just loved your videos and I did. Although I was probably that one weird follower. The one who posts”I love your videos” .

  52. GaijinPot. I guessed there were probably more comics elsewhere and indeed there were :P

    Also this reminds me of Sonic Vegemite’s googler corner (sadly the section seems to be gone). People would find that site in some of the weirdest ways possible, a remarkable one involving some Australian actress called Moria (and nobody knows how aside from the site itself being Australian, it’s a fanpage about Sonic after all).

  53. Haha, that’s awesome. And this is just going to increase that :D

  54. japankurisuchan // 8 June, 2015 at 10:33 am //

    I found you on YouTube.
    I think another Jvloger I follow promoted you in a video.
    Anyway, I love your videos and your comics. ^_^

  55. I stumbled onto you on YouTube when I was watching a buzz feed post about American’s Taste Testing Japanese snacks. One of your videos was in the side bar and I was hooked!

  56. I found you when you did a collaboration with Rachel from Rachel and Jun. I love your blog!

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