Comic: Trying to find the PERFECT silly English shirt

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I think I’ve hit a “hipster” phase. Recently I’ve started really, REALLY wanting sarcastic shirts with awkward English and/or animals saying awkward things.

I see them all the time in Tokyo… but I haven’t been able to find The Perfect Shirt yet.

The Perfect Shirt has to be tasteful, yet funny. Awkward, but still makes sense (kind of). And should probably have a rabbit on it (or a baby animal). Shopping for The Perfect Shirt is a lot harder than in looks.


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14 Comments on Comic: Trying to find the PERFECT silly English shirt

  1. My perfect Engrish shirt says “Thank you for lobing me”. Yes, it’s awesome.

  2. I am very partial to an Engrish shirt I found at GU this spring. In fact, I bought two (one white, one navy blue) because I was leaving Japan soon and knew I would miss Engrish. :(

    The text goes like this (and the design has roses and stuff so it’s pretty cool too)

    Classy Lady
    Old fashioned English Rose
    Elegant, charming and beautiful
    Pink rose is beautiful and graceful as the delicate blossom
    Be a girl with a mind
    A woman with attitude and a lady with class
    The love of a family makes life beautiful

  3. My boyfriend and have had the same “problem” here too. Great comments here will (hopefuly) help!

  4. I love sentences that start with “Let’s”. They’re everywhere.

  5. Lyndsey // 22 May, 2015 at 10:04 pm //

    So true! Much harder than it looks. I often see people wearing amazing awful English shirts, but I rarely can find the good ones in stores. Where do they all come from??

  6. Visiting Japan right now. I was prepared for the Engrish, but I was completely taken off guard by the Fraponais. It’s amazing. I’m laughing like the first time I discovered at some of the “French” t-shirts I see.

  7. Shimamura is a great place for cheaper, good size shirts usually with ridiculously great English. ;D

  8. Eric Janson // 22 May, 2015 at 3:00 pm //

    You have to love them. The best time to buy was in the 80s when it was really popular to wear Tees w/ English.. and back then the language capability was pretty low there were no internet translators or such. I still have two. One has a graphic of a Schwarzenegger- type and the words Lovely Mind Sport Club, and the other simply sports the words, The Day That Nothing To Go Right Seem.

  9. Philip Ebbrell // 22 May, 2015 at 2:27 pm //

    I love t-shirts with a literature theme. The one for Victiry Gin brand is brilliant VG is the drink of the proles in 1984.

    My Mishatonic University t shirt also got me spotted by those in the know. There are more. Fun but subtle humour.

  10. I love Engrish and Franponais ( french) I always wonder if they do it on purpose.

    • It often is on purpose. lol English letters to Japanese is like Japanese calligraphy to Westerners. It’s about the look, not the meaning.

  11. Ahh if you live near Avail/Shimomura, I find a lot of gold there. I have no opportunities to wear them, but sometimes its tempting.

  12. I saw one of a cat saying “Please do something” in Honeys once! I got it for my sister.

    And a kid’s shirt with the Rolling Stones logo and “this tongue goes everywhere” —-awkward!

  13. A shirt that says “The Perfect Shirt” would be perfect. Now I’m going to have to go an look it up to see if there is such a thing. :-)

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