Comic: Crazy Pizza flavors in Japan

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At this point, I don’t even know what “normal” is. I spent large parts of my developing years in Texas, Ghana, Philadelphia, and Japan. All four places have radically different definitions of “normal.”

Is avocado crab pizza weird?


Is it delicious?

Yes. Yes it is.

So in my mind, having avocado crab pizza displayed next to pepperoni pizza makes sense.  “Normal” is in the eye of the beholder.


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29 Comments on Comic: Crazy Pizza flavors in Japan

  1. Traveler // 29 May, 2016 at 3:45 am //

    If you think of pizza as simply Italian food that consists of a variety of different ingredients cooked in tomato sauce with cheese on top and served with a side of sliced Italian bread, then crazy ingredients (toppings) such as seafood don’t sound so weird and may even sound appetizing. You may even be able to imagine what it might taste like and that the taste will not be weird.

  2. I can not believe that the japan people have squid and mayo Jaga pizza

  3. Anonymous // 16 May, 2015 at 11:20 am //

    I heard there’s nutella cheese pizza in Korea. that might be going too far in the wrong direction lol, i can’t imagine cheese and chocolate…

  4. Sounds yummy!! I love pizza in Japan. Trying different flavors is fun

  5. Avocado Crab sounds awesome but I am allergic to shellfish so yeah cant have that but Avocado anything yes please!! I am limited on what I can have which kinda sucks cause I also cant have any thing that has seeds in it or nuts cause of my colon( i only have half of it left cause of Diverticulitis). And I have celiac which sucks too. UGH please I would do anything to live in Japan! at least I can eat a lot of the food there. Thanks Grace and Ryosuke for the cute comic and info about things in Japan.

  6. I now feel thoroughly restricted by the same boring old flavors of pizza in the United States.

  7. I’d actually like to try that Avacado Crab pizza, it sounds delicious. Sometimes I wish here in Canada they would have more crazy flavors

  8. Ah! I saw this when you were making that video. xD

  9. With so many things Worldwide, do they have Pizza Hut or Dominos in Japan?

    • Both exist here. I don’t know the Pizza Hut menu, but have availed myself of Dominos a few times. Some toppings would be pretty standard for the American stores, but here they mostly build their pizzas to appeal to the Japanese palate.

  10. You didn’t even mention the (sweet)corn and seaweed pizza you can get at Shakey’s Japan.

    I miss the pizza I used to get at Swiss Chalet in San Diego county: pepperoni, sausage, onions, mushrooms and cashews.

    • Is this the same Shakey’s that I used to go to as a kid, in the Seattle USA area? I didn’t know that it was Nationwide, let alone Worldwide!

      • We had Shakey’s in D.C. when I was growing up and there’s still one in Torrance, CA. I’m guessing it’s the same, though I hope the pizza is better in Japan.

        • Haha!! I looked up Shakey’s on Wikipedia, and there are indeed 300 worldwide, with 60 “remaining” in the USA! No offense to the good people who work there, but here in Seattle, we thought that (like Chuck E Cheeses) the “crust tasted like cardboard.”

          No wonder I love Dominos and Pizza Hut so much!

          But, I agree with you 100%: I hope that the Shakey’s in Japan is better than what I (and you) have apparently had in the USA!

        • The Shakeys here in Kyoto is not so good…the pizzas get cold as soon as they put them out and there’s not many toppings ><

  11. Wooow ! That’s fantasy! :D even in Italy we have pizzas with many different ingredients over the basic margherita! Basically you can put on pizza whatever you feel like :) especially by the sea, we have pizza with ‘frutti di mare’, i.e. seafood! With also crabs! It’s freakiiiiing delicious!

  12. Oh I never saw avocado crab pizza it does seem delicious I had to stop ordering pizza cause my husband wants one for himself and I cannot control myself with pizza haha

  13. avocado crab pizza?? NOOO what they be doing to my favorite food!! Okay, I am more of a boring type when it comes to pizza and usually only follow the standard range in the restaurant, as soon as sea food is mentioned anywhere I run out screaming in fear :p

  14. I wish there were more variety where I live! The most wild I’ve gotten with pizza is putting garlic as a topping. So, not really that wild, haha.

  15. I like the octopus pizza!

  16. sounds delicious… then again my boyfriend thinks I’m insane for thinking mustard on banana tastes awesome or putting sichuan mala sauce on my fruit and enjoying it that way.

  17. We have roast pig pizza at Pizza Hut in the Philippines(lechon) so… I can’t imagine anything else be weirder. In Nebraska… Though pizza is pretty tame.

  18. Anonymous // 29 April, 2015 at 12:05 pm //

    You make me want to live in Japan even more, I love your blogs and you-tube videos!!!!!

  19. I think it is only weird for some Italians who might be conservative and very stubborn with how a pizza is supposed to be. Otherwise, of course it is not weird! You can have anything on your pizza! :D

  20. Anonymous // 29 April, 2015 at 11:24 am //

    I had kong pao chicken pizza at Pizza Hut in Shanghai. The kong pao chicken was better than any I have had in the states

  21. I love avocado crab too! I have also become a fan of mayo on my pizza since moving to Japan.

  22. In China you can get Peking Duck pizza at one joint I know. Seafood pizza is super popular and corn is a very common topping. I’ve had cinnamon banana pizza (it had cheese and a sweet white sauce). It wasn’t too bad.

  23. I was gonna say! What’s weird about avocado crab? Oh wait….I’m from the west coast,lol. nvm.

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