Videos from this week (Week 12, 2015) on YouTube: Convenience stores, Racism, and Cheap Food

As many of you know, I also have a YouTube channel called “Texan in Tokyo.” I started the channel last year in June and honestly wasn’t expecting it to be this fun. Because it is. Fun, I mean.

I’ve found some topics are easier to talk about (instead of just writing them on my blog).

These days, I post 3 videos a week. I haven’t been cross-posting on this blog because I didn’t want to drown out the comics/blog posts. But I also want to make it easier for y’all to watch (if you’re interested).

From here on out, I’m going to post the videos I released that week.

Delicious Breakfast from a Japanese Convenience Store

When I hear “convenience store,” I automatically think of sugary sweets (wrapped in plastic), odd-tasting hot dogs, and jars of pickled pigs feet by the cash register.

My family did a lot of road trips when I was growing up. Convenience store food was always unhealthy, disappointing, and rather bland.

Then I moved to Japan.
Japanese convenience stores are amazing. You can withdraw money, pay your bills, ship packages, buy freshly made sandwiches, and pick up several healthy “side dishes” if you didn’t have time to cook that afternoon.

Ryosuke and I just moved (and we hadn’t unpacked anything at our new place)… so we ran to the nearby 7-11 for breakfast!

Saying my husband is “Attractive for an Asian Man” isn’t a compliment. It’s racist.

I’m sure this video isn’t going to win me any fans. But it’s something I feel like I needed to make.

I wrote a blog post about this ~6 months ago and was surprised by the number of people who commented (and messaged me) saying the same thing had happened to them.
Click here for the original blog post.

The phrases ranged from:
“… for a Mexican girl.”
“… for a black dude.”
“… for an Asian chick.”

And I’d like to reiterate that this isn’t just something that white Americans say. I’ve heard this from people of all sorts of nationalities and ethnicities.

Mentioning someone’s race when talking about their attractiveness is completely unnecessary and rather offensive. Qualifiers are not needed.

My husband was going to put his 2 cents in… but he’s had the flu for the last two weeks and decided he would rather record in his own language (if he decides to make a video). So. Yeah.

Build your own Raw Fish Bowl in Shinjuku (Cheap Japanese Food)

I am not a “foodie.”
I like food. I like cooking. I like trying all sorts of cuisines from all around the world. But I don’t have a preference for “expensive” food.

I’m happy has a clam eating food from stalls and tiny hole-in-the-wall restaurants. Most of the time, I can’t taste the difference between a $10 plate of food and a $50 plate of food – and even when I can – it’s usually not worth the price jump.

Rachel and I went to this restaurant last time she was in Tokyo.
The name of this restaurant is “Wakasaya” and it’s a five minute walk from Shinjuku station (the largest train station in Japan).
It’s also located smack in the middle of “Kabukicho,” the red light district of Tokyo. So. Yeah. Hahahah.

Even though it’s the “red light district” it’s still incredibly safe. No need to worry.

And no, this isn’t a sponsored video. Because I know a lot of people ask about that.
This is a restaurant we just found on the free wifi at Shinjuku station that looked cheap~

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7 Comments on Videos from this week (Week 12, 2015) on YouTube: Convenience stores, Racism, and Cheap Food

  1. Ha! My son gets an awesome tan in the summer. He was 3 and we were at a playground and another little kids said he didn’t want to play with a “N” (hate the word not gonna say it). Or when people call some one a Chink in front of my husband and he says “I’m standing right here!” “Yea well we didn’t mean you”. Sorry that is still offensive. Does that mean I can call some one a racial insult and then say “but I have Black Friends”. NO! For the love of God people stop the racist attitudes.

  2. Haha – I think your response to the girl about her “white guy” was awesome. Very perfect!

  3. Oh I remember the racism thingy. Just recently we experienced it as well but this time some Chinese said that I look pret decent for a white guy…alright :p

  4. Anonymous // 21 March, 2015 at 2:39 pm //

    the sad thing is that there are whites out there (usually men) saying its a compliment. Either they do not know their own language properly, or they are being purposely ignorant. …”for an asian” implies he is better than them. “even for an asian” suggests they are all attractive, but he is the cream of the crop.

  5. Grace, some of my own family (I’m from the Philippines), said “You’re lucky your white wife treats you and cares for you like an Asian woman! That’s rare!” I don’t exactly understand what that means… but I felt the same way. Any ideas? Her grandma once told her “You’re lucky RJ isn’t one of THOSE kinds of Asians” (Probably referring to… uh… I don’t know?) I just laugh, and I think Ashley got used to it. Sad right?

    • Oh my similar experience here! Like advice to my Japanese husband: “you better treat her nice or she’ll divorce you real quick. That’s what white women do”
      Just sad >_<

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