Comic: “You’re such an American!”

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Ryosuke’s only been to America twice. Once was when he was studying abroad (and we met). The other was for our wedding. Both times, he was really surprised by American fashion – especially “foot fashion.”

In America, most heels are 5-6 inch stilettos, with pointy tips and uncomfortable straps. Most of our friends had closets full of these shoes, but only wore them for formal dances and parties. And if they wore them, they couldn’t wear them all night. It was too painful.

Party high heels are not meant to be worn for long periods of time.

Ryosuke thought these shoes were ridiculous. Sexy, of course, but incredible impractical.

Enter: Fast Flats / Foldable Flats. 

They are flats (a type of shoe) that fold up in a tiny case and fit nicely in your purse. I have two pairs – one in black, one in gold.  Even now (in Japan), every time we go to a party, I will pack a pair of foldable flats, for the train ride home.

Even the most comfortable high heels start to hurt if you’ve been standing in them for like 3-4 hours. I love my little fast flats. Laugh at me all you want, my feet are comfortable~


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22 Comments on Comic: “You’re such an American!”

  1. I always wear flats now at my age. (50). I was able to wear them when I was younger though, liked the story,

  2. I wish I had carried time ago in my boyfriend ‘s graduation! At the end I didn’t care anymore and I was walking in the street without shoes with the shoes in my hands lololol
    That’s what I call a prepared girl!=)

  3. I actually wear these every day! Not because I wear heels but I cycle to work with my work clothes, including shoes! So the foldable flats are my work shoes. I also use them to party as well and my male friends think its so ridiculous. =P

  4. I totally agree. I always keep extra shoes with me. I don’t know how Korean women can keep their feet squished in uncomfortable looking heels all night.

  5. I keep some like those in my pockets when I roller blade. Never knew their name though.

  6. I call this common sense. But if you wear heels most of the time, then it’s easier. it depends on how tall they are also, i assume.

  7. In Italy we lové stilettos and when we wear them we do it all day/night long. We also have foldable flats but they’re not so cool…fashion before all ;-)

  8. Same thing in my family (can’t speak for my country) ! I know many who carry flats in their bags. But I’ve never heard of ones that are foldable and come in cases! I definitely want me some of those!!! ^^

  9. Thanks to the tropical weather, in Taiwan I always carry flip-flops in my bag for the same reason ;)

  10. lucky me – Sing is way too short for me to wear hills, even on our wedding my shoes had only 2-3cm heels :D although I sometimes want to wear comfy, platform shoes and I can’t, for the very same reason

  11. Oh, come on, I can’t believe that Ryosuke was surprised! I was in Japan for 9 months and Japanese girls wore the highest high hills I have ever seen girls wearing and they wore them for 9 am in the morning!

  12. Comfortable is probably healthy!

  13. I wore party heels the day my husband proposed to me and could not walk with them so I had another pair of shoes and just wore them at the restaurant. I guess I am a little bit american hehe

  14. Maybe I’m weird, but I have never owned foldable flats– when I try them on, it always feels like they curve in a way my feet don’t.

  15. Foldable flats?? Need me some of those!

    Truth is though, I’ve gotten so much more used to wearing heels since living in Japan… since I saw so many Japanese girls just doing daily life in heels, I hated feeling like the frumpiest one, so now I wear heels a lot. They’re not so bad once you get used to them, though I’m not talking 5-inch stilettos!

  16. Celine Chia // 17 March, 2015 at 10:23 am //

    i can’t walk in heels lol. >.< i'm a flats/oxfords/sneakers girl.

  17. Same happens in Greece also, haha!! In some companies women are obligated to wear high heels at office, so it’s common to see them take that tiny case out of their purse and change shoes after leaving from work. :D

  18. Foldable flats – that sounds like a very useful thing. I usually never wear high heels because they really hurt on my feet, but for the wedding I bought a pair made of really soft leather. They were much more comfortable than I thought they would be, I just wasn’t used to walking in high heels anymore.

  19. I do the same! I don’t wear 5-6 inches stilettos though.. :D

  20. Funny thing, I just went to a club in the city near me, and all the girls (besides me and my friends it seemed) had these ridiculous heels. I was honestly Yet again it was a hip-hop/rap/feeling of underground NYC kind of place.

  21. Anonymous // 17 March, 2015 at 9:36 am //

    Foldable flats?! Never heard of such thing… care to share what brand are they? I am terrible with heels.

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