Comic: Problems Sleeping on the Train

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I never know what to do in these situations… like, is it weird to just wake up a stranger?

This time I “accidentally” bumped his knee when I was walking off the train. He jumped up and ran off the train. So. yeah.


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15 Comments on Comic: Problems Sleeping on the Train

  1. Usually at the last stop, one of the train attendants comes in to wake up the people still on board :)

  2. To avoid this, I always set an alarm if I’m feeling particularly sleepy (usually after an all nighter) for a few minutes before my destination to make sure I don’t miss my stop.

  3. Hey Grace.
    I learnt of your comic books through Gaijinpot. Downloaded both together and loved loved reading them !
    I have spent years in Japan and I can relate to so many things that you write about.
    While in Japan, I’ve had people rest their weary heads on my shoulders in trains and sleep away !
    Glad I stumbled across your books and blog !

  4. What would ryosuke have done?

  5. Anonymous // 3 March, 2015 at 9:10 pm //

    There is something I really like about the look of this comic, maybe it’s a little more detailed than normal or because it’s just really well-drawn (for example your clothing, hair and the window scenery).

    What are you meant to do if someone falls asleep on you ?? It hasn’t happened to me yet, but I need to go look this up now haha.

  6. when I went to Tokyo last summer, a woman fell asleep on my shoulder, and everyone in the train started laughing (quietly) as I had O_O eyes haha. I don’t mind though. But you’d never see this is Paris

  7. I never wake them up does that make me selfish ^^’

  8. nagarazoku // 3 March, 2015 at 2:56 pm //

    At the last stop one or two employee will normally check the trains for lost items and sleeping persons, before they let the train head back into the opposite direction, so mostly I let them handle that XD I have seen them waking up people several times and they also had to wake me up once :P

  9. Anonymous // 3 March, 2015 at 2:38 pm //

    I was told not to do anything, same as seeing anyone drunk passed out on the street. Seems callus to me, esp whose job is to care for people. Then again my visa is a bit different then a tourist or resident…

  10. I had this thing too often in Finland…just that I was the person sleeping! Sometimes people woke me up other times not…so this meant that sometimes I needed half night home instead of just twenty minutes

  11. I like your discreet methods, it is also a way to protect yourself. Imagine if you wake a person up and he is one of those “fated love at first sight” type of guy, that would be awkward! :D

  12. You are nice, I don’t bother haha! Sometimes I’ve seen when they’re at the last stop and before they head back out the other direction the conductors make a quick sweep through the train…I assume they wake up sleepers then!

  13. The scenery through the windows TOTALLY made this comic! SO cute!!! Good job!

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