Comic: Making Chocolates on Valentine’s Day

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Our first Valentine’s Day together was interesting, to say the least. I learned that making chocolate is a lot harder than it looks. Also, it reacts poorly with water.

Ryosuke learned that there is quite a bit of pressure in America for the man to give his girlfriend/wife something nice on Valentine’s Day.

Maybe someday I will write a post/do a video about it… but today, I just want to spend it internet-less, hanging out with my hubby~


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7 Comments on Comic: Making Chocolates on Valentine’s Day

  1. One of the things that sometimes make me laugh out loud are the picture postings on Twitter (and Mixi and Gree if you’re in Japan) of disastrous attempts to make a food-based gift at home for Valentine’s Day or White Day. Proof that even the Japanese are prone to sometimes interesting kitchen disasters. ^_^;;

  2. this comic is awesome. i loved the last image of you next to the stove, it totally made me laugh out loud. =)

    and girl.. props on making your own chocolate. i know i’d be terrible at making it, i wouldn’t dare try! but i understand that it’s the heart that you put into it… =)

  3. You are wonderful for taking it on and I completely empathize. Best option I’ve found is to go for melting down (raw) chocolates in various forms dusting with chopped nuts or covering dried fruit or fresh.
    In case it ever crosses your mind to do so…take the process anywhere AFTER brining your own cocoa beans…the smell will sink into your walls your furniture for weeks! :)
    Maximize credit minimize labor :)

  4. Is it actually only in Japan that the girl gives the guy chocolate on Valentines Day? I always have hard time to remember this day and get some nice present for my wife (I failed few times already…)

    • Brad Walker // 16 February, 2015 at 3:04 am //

      Actually men are supposed to return the favor on March 14, called “White Day” because the preferred gift is White Chocolate. In practice almost anything is acceptable…

  5. Hi! This is my first time commenting on your blog. =)

    The first Valentine my husband (of one month) and I spent together, he got me a single long stem rose, and I ended up making him a one-inch thick, large-sized heart chocolate. I may have overdone it (I know I did!)… He told me later that it took him a whole week to eat the whole thing, haha.

    I still have the pic, too: (hope it’s viewable)

  6. The first year I tried making chocolate goodies, I looked up some recipes and thought, “candy thermometer? Tempering? Caster sugar? Heavy cream? Oh boy I can smell the Pinterest fail from here”
    Then I found this recipe, so yummy and only 2 ingredients:
    They turn out lovely every year.

    I also realized I’m good if I just use chocolate…hello chocolate bark (so easy and endless variety of toppings you can add) and chocolate-dipped fruit/salty snacks.

    I love an excuse to make stuff like that^^

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