Comic: I miss your hair

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Ryosuke’s finally stopped moping around the house. He admits is like dang cute with short hair – but he still misses being able to play with my hair when we’re snuggling or watching a movie.

I keep (jokingly) telling him we should get matching haircuts (easiest way to annoy people is being overly matching), but he has no interest in growing out his bangs. And would probably cry if I got a buzzcut to match his~


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12 Comments on Comic: I miss your hair

  1. mychinesebf // 17 December, 2014 at 4:06 pm //

    My boyfriend prefers me having long hair. I’ve been lazy and haven’t messed around with it in a long time. Whenever he makes me mad I always threaten him by saying I’m going to get a butch hair cut. Then we’ll see if he still loves me. XD

  2. He should feel lucky you let him pet you like a cat XD I hate when people touch my hair. I shaved my head and now my husbands tries even more to “pet” me and my natural hair (T.T)

    • I wish Yuichi would pet me …. it is me who plays with his hair and make little curls with it between my fingers … surprisingly, his hair does curl easy lol.

  3. cute! love the comic strip and how you take the time to capture fun moments in your relationship through drawing. =)

  4. I had long hair clear down to my hips haha my friend was completely shocked and sad when I cut it all off into a cute a-line :) but now I miss my hair and am growing it back! lol

  5. I love long hair as much as any other guy, but when an attractive woman with a shorter hairstyle looks good with it, I really embrace it!

    My wife has had her hair cut to chin-level for several years, and I love it! But, she’s a real cutie, so I love her anyway, haha!!

  6. Poor Ryosuke! I am just happy that my wife didn’t cut her hairs short yet as many of her friends have done it already. Perhaps I should prepare myself mentally already that one day I come from work I find a short haired version of my wife :o

  7. when my husband and I were dating in college, he went to a casino night at the dorms. He won a haircut at one of the fancy salons in town and gave it to me. I was having a difficult semester and by the end it was kind of hot. my hair felt very heavy and long and hot and cumbersome and I was just so done with it. so one day while my then boyfriend was at work, I went to the salon to use my free coupon. I got my hair cut to about 4 inches all the way around my head.I have really thick curly hair and when it was cut that short it made this lovely little cap of curls all the way around my head. I then went to visit my boyfriend at work to show him what I done and have lunch with him. He was so^ shocked he stared at me for an hour straight and just kept staring and kept staring. When I asked him if he really didn’t like it, he kept saying no, no its really not that bad, it’s just so took him a full month to get used to my hair like that. Luckily, I went home for break and didn’t get to see him for another month after that so by the time I got back to school, he wasn’t quite so shocked. he did keep running his hands through my hair almost constantly. I think he really liked being able to just ruffle my hair without me getting upset that it was going to get messed up.

  8. Tinker Black // 16 December, 2014 at 2:32 pm //

    IMO, take advantage of rocking long, flowing locks while you have the time and hair density to do so. Many women experience thinning hair too you know. You’ll have plenty of time to sport a wash-and-go short hair mom hairdo when – you know – you’re actually a mom.

  9. If the fact my hair is long down to my butt wasn’t enough, Yuichi is also growing his hair long ... now it is getting to his shoulders....needless to say I am not happy finding his hair all over when I clean around the house but I cannot say much, since when I wash my hair it totally plugs the bath and I HATE hair … like wet hair on my hands YIKES …. I think his only job around the house is to pick the hair off the bath’s drain hahahaha

    • Ha~ that’s actually hilarious, if you’re not the one picking off the hair- I live with 3 other women, with thick hair at least as long as their shoulder blades. It’s like “The Grudge” in the bathroom -.-… ugh, hairball wads EVERYWHERE. Annoying. (also annoying: trying to pick off wet hair from the cleaning rag/sponge, blech.

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