Comic: Pigeons are “rats with wings”

Texan in Tokyo comics living in Japan gaijin mangaka cartoon pigeonRyosuke doesn’t like pigeons. At all.

Or, he likes the idea of them. And feeding them. But not touching them. The germs freak him out a bit.

I fed some really friendly pigeons in Osaka that ended up flying on my shoulders (check out this video).


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12 Comments on Comic: Pigeons are “rats with wings”

  1. I agree with Ryosuke about pigeons. Rats with wings. I like that. Pigeons, like rats, are scavengers that will eat damn near anything no matter how disgusting it may be. Then they roost on street lights and plaster everything below with their droppings. Pigeons are part of that less desirable side of urban wildlife.

  2. Love it! Rats with wings. Eloquent Ryosuke :D.

  3. Pigeons are gross. But then again, I think birds happen to be really filthy animals anyway. I guess I’m weird? I think they’re pretty but I would rather them stay far away from me!

  4. Heh, cute, some things aren’t for everyone, I guess

  5. I love pigeons! They get a bad rap in my opinion.

  6. Yeah, I call ’em “sky rats”

  7. to be fair, being from NYC I have to agree. there are way too many of them and all they do is poop everywhere.

    also the birds at osaka castle in general were really obnoxious! even just sitting there eating and not feeding anyone they’d start to gather around you and look at you like “well?? throw me a breadcrumb bro!”

  8. I must agree with him as I also call pigeons rats with wings… I simply don’t like them -_-

  9. He’s right to be freaked out. Pigeons carry histoplasmosis, which causes macular degeneration.

    • Please excuse me; I don’t mean to be critical here but I have to wonder where you learned that. My understanding is Histoplasmosis is caused by spores from a fungus that grows in birds’ droppings long after the birds have dropped them, and pigeons aren’t the only birds whose droppings are involved. In fact, the droppings of at least one mammal, the bat, can also be involved. The disease is contracted by inhalation of the spores from disturbed soil or guano. The pigeons don’t carry it on their feathers or feet so it can “rub off” onto you. Where we live in the Ohio River valley Histoplasmosis is also called “Ohio Valley Disease” because it is considered endemic here, although it appears worldwide. It’s in the same category as Valley Fever (coccidioidomycosis) found in the American Southwest and is contracted in the same manner, but neither disease is much of a threat to anyone whose immune system is functioning normally, i.e., isn’t compromised by HIV-AIDS or an organ transplant. Also, if it is contracted it’s more likely to affect the lungs than the eyes, although it can cause symptoms that resemble macular degeneration. I really don’t think the folks in Osaka have much to worry about regarding their pigeons.

  10. ….I’m with Ryosuke on this one. D: Pigeons, argh…no, can’t. >_<;

  11. Its been awhile since i read ur blog. Just started my life in japan. Now getting better. Glad u r still posting. Keep it up ne!

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