Comic: Changing Clothes (Part 2)

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This is the second part of this comic.

I used to be very concerned about how I looked. I guess I thought I was just one hair-color, one makeover, or one fancy dress away from being attractive.

But Ryosuke was there to give me a sponge-bath after I got my appendix removed in Peru (followed by several complications and very nasty, oozing bed-sores). He’s taken me to the hospital several times, actually.

He’s seen me at my best. And he’s seen me at my worst. He prefers me in my “natural state” – with no makeup and wearing the clothes I love. So do I.


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11 Comments on Comic: Changing Clothes (Part 2)

  1. Lucky u met him.. Pray for yr happiness

  2. Once when I was studying in Beijing we went on a class trip and I shared a room with a couple of Japanese girls. One of them woke up at 5.30 to do her hair and make up… I never saw her without make up, now that I think of it.

    I don’t even know how to apply make up myself :D

  3. That is so sweet!! I only wear make-up when I am going out to some nice restaurant or when I am going some place cool (where lots of pictures are involved)!!!

  4. My husband is funny, he like both my “full-make” perfect makeup face and my no make-up すっぴん (we say “spin” in English) face just as much. Well I’d be hurt if he said he didn’t like my spin face, and I love playing with makeup so I’d be sad if he didn’t like makeup. Maybe he figured me out early in our relationship and knew just what to say^^

  5. Usually there is no “too big” when it comes to eyes in Asia :p

    Anyways, I also like it way more when my wife is not using makeup. It is just more natural and that is how I also met her all these years ago, no makeup.

  6. Eric Janson // 27 November, 2014 at 1:36 am //

    That’s a really sweet post, and a very savvy choice of words. “Pretty” is fleeting. “Attractive” is enduring.
    Sheryl Crow (like her or not) penned some terrific and appropriate lyrics which speak to that: “It’s not about getting what you want. It’s about wanting what you have.”
    It sounds like you and Ryosuke both want what you have, and that is great and– unfortunately– all too rare.
    Maybe that’s the main reason why so many people love this blog. It is a real, evolving story set in an amazing venue, and you tell it openly and from the heart. There is no facade. People see that right away, whichever post they start with.
    I’ve been at my job for a long, long time and I keep at at because it gives me energy and the feeling that I am making a difference.
    I won’t be greedy enough to hope that you do the same with your blog. But as long as you choose to do it, I (and many others) will choose to read and appreciate it. どうも ありがとう ございます.

  7. I prefer girls in their natural state too, especially if she is my partner. I don’t want to get a horrible shock when she removes her make-up and looks entirely different :D

  8. Tinker Black // 27 November, 2014 at 12:06 am //

    I didn’t think there was such thing as, “eyes look too big,” in Japan unless one’s eyeballs are poking out of their sockets.

  9. Shingo Nakatani // 26 November, 2014 at 11:33 pm //

    Dear Grace,

    Yes, I think it is best to have somebody who really appreciate you as YOU ARE…

    BTW, just in case…..

    Your link for Part 1 “This comic” link does not go to correct website. It goes “” AT MOMENT, so display error message “Page not found (404)”, instead of correct link “” probably due to the date part of link is wrong “2014/11/10”, rather than correct “2014/11/25″…


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