Comic: Changing Clothes (Part 1)

Texan in Tokyo comics living in Japan gaijin mangaka cartoon japanese menWe have people stay at our house pretty much every weekend.

A lot of our Japanese friends from college got placed outside of Tokyo, so every couple months, they visit – thirsty for a little bit of urban life.

A lot of our American friends switch jobs, graduate from college, take a break from work, and somehow find a way to fulfil one of their lifelong goals – visiting Tokyo.

In any case, I with people coming in and out of the house, I’ve become a master at changing super-quickly. And if we’re not going on a date (and I don’t have work), there’s no reason to wear makeup.

A lot of my husband’s (Japanese) friends have expressed surprise by how quickly I get ready in the morning. Mostly because I just don’t care.


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8 Comments on Comic: Changing Clothes (Part 1)

  1. I dress quickly as well. Unless it’s Church. Only time i wear make up really…

  2. Behind the Story // 26 November, 2014 at 2:12 pm //

    I doubt that you need makeup. You’re cute enough the way you are.

  3. Anonymouse // 26 November, 2014 at 9:49 am //

    I’m so jealous that you have so many friends who stay over! I maybe have houseguests once a year, if that. I LOVE having people stay over! An old friend of mine from high school is visiting Japan with his wife and they stayed at my place last weekend. I had such a great time with both of them and was sad when they had to leave.

    When I first moved to Osaka, a good friend of mine actually came to visit for a MONTH! She was doing a tech support job at the time, so she could work from anywhere. She would do her work hours while I was at school, and then we’d hang out on the evenings and weekends. I had so much fun, and it was really nice having a second person in the house (I live alone).

    Anyway, yeah. I usually give myself an hour or two to get ready in the morning because I like to lie in bed reading and take long showers, but if I need to go somewhere I can get ready in however long it takes me to throw on some clothes. I think it’s a shame that there are a lot of women who feel like they HAVE to do their entire makeup routine before they can step outside, even just to pop down to the grocery store or whatever.

  4. Great comic, Grace! And soooo true. Everyone in my family takes longer to get ready to go than I do…it’s starts out not caring about what everyone else thinks, which leads to an air of self-confidence that just enhances the “cute” that’s already goin’ on! Then you become a mom – and if you’ve remembered all the baby- & kid- gear you’re ahead of the game – who cares what you look like, they’re all going to look at the gorgeous kids. Real-people clothes and you’re good to go.

  5. LOL – that was real fast. That happened to me once when I slept in and had to work. I was ready in a flash and I made it work on time!! :)

  6. Haha, I love how you timed it! :D Hmm, I have days where I would probably be considered fast, but not nearly as fast as that! (Mainly because I can’t seem to find the one item of clothing I’m looking forーcloset needs some serious rearranging!)

    • You must be a magician! Our house could be on fire and my wife wouldn’t be able to leave on time except there is her favorite food waiting outside

      • Hahaーthere’s your answer! Make sure there’s some yummy food waiting. ;) All about motivation! (For me it’s usually food, and not wanting to line up wherever we’re going. The sooner we leave, the better!) XD

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