That time my husband took me to Chippendales (male strip show) on our Honeymoon

I’m in Texas now visiting family and I don’t have enough time to write up a new post. So here’s one I wrote back in February (after we got back from our honeymoon) – and forgot to post. Enjoy! 

Casinos aren’t legal in Japan; Ryouske had been trying to get me to go to a casino with him since our early months of dating (back when I was 19) – and I had to heartbreakingly tell him I wasn’t allowed in a casino until I was 21. I also told him if he went without me, bad things would happen (I wasn’t terribly creative with threats back then).

Flash forward a couple of years. We’re married. I’m over 21. We’re looking for honeymoon spots. Of course Las Vegas was going to happen.

las vegas sign

We gambled. Won some; lost some; had a lot of free drinks. Went to a couple shows.

After three days of unsuccessfully trying to find discount Cirque du Soleil tickets (as well as trying to figure out exactly which show we even wanted to see), I joking told my husband “This is too confusing. Let’s just go to Chippendales.”

He cocked his head to the side. “What is a Chippendales?”

I showed him a couple of Youtube clips, expecting him to freak out and put more effort into finding tickets to the Cirque, but he seemed oddly attached to Chippendales.

And, you know, honeymoon or not, I’m not going to turn down tickets to the “Sexiest male strip show in the world.”

I’ve always been an “abs” kind of girl. I justified it by saying no one can change the face (eye color, hair color, race, nose size, eye shape) or height they were born with (so it’s not fair to say “I only date tall white guys with a chiseled jaw”), but I would prefer to only date a man who love taking care of himself and his body.

You know, hopefully in a way that produces nice abs. Shallow, I know. I’m sorry.

So we got tickets to Chippendales.

All throughout the day, I kept asking “Are you sure?” and “We really don’t have to do this. Would you rather go to a circus performance?” By the evening, he was just as excited as I was. And, believe it or not, we had an absolute blast at the Las Vegas Chippendales.

Chippendales show las vegas honeymoon male strip show

“And you totally need to write a blog post about this,” he told me after the show. So I did.

Buying discount tickets for Chippendales in Las Vegas:

Several sites claimed to have discounts, but we found the best price at a Tix4Today booth along the Las Vegas Strip. We were able to get seats in the third row for $43 a piece (still rather expensive, but much less than the listed price of $61 – $75).

Right after we bought our tickets (I was nervous)

Right after we bought our tickets (I was nervous)

Getting to the Chippendales show:

The Chippendales performance in Las Vegas is on the upper-first floor of the Rio. Ryosuke, of course, was thrilled about this because his nickname is “Rio” and he thought this was “destiny to become a male stripper if the pharmaceutical path doesn’t work out.” Anyone familiar with the layout of the Las Vegas strip will notice that Rio is rather out of the way.

Ryosuke thought he would get lucky on the machines since they were named after him.  Turns out, casinos don't work that way. So. Yeah.

Ryosuke thought he would get lucky on the machines since they were named after him.
Turns out, casinos don’t work that way. So. Yeah. 

Instead of taking an (expensive) taxi or walking, you can take a free shuttle from either Bally’s or Harrah’s to the Rio – shuttles leave every 30 minutes. Once inside, follow signs for “Chippendales.”

The Chippendales show:

To be honest, I’m not sure what exactly I was expecting.

But I wasn’t expecting what I got. Ryosuke and I had a fabulous time at the show – it was an interesting mix of singing, dancing, stripping, and, well, other things. I’m going to spare you most of the details because I know my parents read my blog – but really, I wouldn’t recommend going to the show with your grandmother.

Although, on that note, there was an 18 year old with her wheel-chair ridden grandmother at the Chippendales show. She wheeled her grandma up to the third row and held her grandma’s hand throughout the show. Her grandma seemed to have a blast cheering at all the dances on stage.

Chippendales show las vegas honeymoon male strip show

One interesting note: the show was selling the experience. Personally, I’ve never been to a strip club. But, you know, a lot of my friends have – and they all say the same thing. It’s a lot of boobs, somewhat bad dancing, and dim lighting. Chippendales was completely opposite (not just the lack of boobs).

Each “set” was tightly choreographed. Basically, it was like the movie “Magic Mike” – in real life, with more attractive men. It wasn’t just dance moves, it was also singing, acting, and lots of ripping of shirts. The themes varied from firefighters, cops, gangsters gambling, construction workers, and all the other “classic” male stripper routines. Or at least what I would imagine classic stripper routines would look like.

You weren’t allowed to take pictures or record (otherwise I totally would have).

In the waiting room before the show started

In the waiting room before the show started

The Chippendales room itself was small. Only about 50 guests were permitted seating – and were sat in tables of eight. For about 90% of the show, guests were instructed to remain seated. Every once and a while, though, during an especially “electric” dance number, we were encouraged to get up on our feet, dance, and clap loudly.

 If you bought any props, banners, or accessories from the boutique next door, you were like 200% more likely to get pulled up on stage for a routine. So. Remember that.

Chippendales show las vegas honeymoon male strip show

Towards the end of the show, I told Ryosuke I was sad I hadn’t caught one of the ripped shirts. So the next time a stripper tore off his shirt (during the firefighter routine), Ryosuke jumped up out of his seat, ran forward, and snatched it right out of the air. He had this huge smile on his face when he presented the shirt to me.

The stripper/dance who tore the shirt off saw the whole episode, laughed, and gave Ryosuke a “thumbs up” from on stage.

I ended up giving the shirt to my younger sister (because really, what use do I have with a ripped white man tank-top? Like I can just snuggle with Ryosuke’s shirts or something).

Chippendales show las vegas honeymoon male strip show

Anyways, in conclusion, Chippendales in Las Vegas is amazing and I really, REALLY love my husband because he’s adorable and completely not threatened in his masculinity to take me to a male strip show on our honeymmon.

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15 Comments on That time my husband took me to Chippendales (male strip show) on our Honeymoon

  1. mychinesebf // 20 November, 2014 at 4:10 am //

    This post was really funny. Had me laughing the whole time. Next time I’m in Vegas I need to see this performance. It’s great that Ryosuke is up for all these adventures. It sounds like you two never have a boring moment. :) I’m a big fan of drag queens. I go to a bunch of shows especially in the Rose room in Dallas. My boyfriend use to go with me when we first started dating. I guess to show he is open to all my interests. At least I didn’t scare him off. :D

  2. As I’ve said before…Ryosuke’s a keeper! :D

    I had a Great-grandma that I’d go to strip clubs with. She’s my model of what I want to be when I get old. She was in her late 70’s in the 1970’s (& yes…I realize you can tell how old I am by this…oh well). She went to discotheques with men in their 30’s. She drank & chain-smoked (yeah…not doing that) – and had an absolutely wonderful time! She was my hero! Think “Auntie Mame” but wilder. I’d have gone to a strip show with her any time! I have great plans to embarrass my children by doing these types of things in my golden years. I plan on taking my husband with me to all sorts of fun (& possibly unsavory) events – or if he won’t go, any available grandchildren of age to go. I plan on running wild!!

    • Hahahaha. I can’t wait to be an old, embarrassing grandma.
      My own grandmother isn’t very embarrassing, but she is by far the kindest and most adorable person I’ve ever met. Grandmothers are the best :D

      Wait, you really went with your great grandma to a strip club? Hahahaha

      • unfortunately, no, I was in elementary school when she was going to the discotheques. But she’s someone I definitely would have gone with if I could have. she taught me one of the most important things was to be here and now and not to worry so much about what was going to happen. She told me, “Baby, don’t bring me flowers when I’m dead…I’m not gonna care. If you want to give me flowers, Baby, do it now.” And I always did…even if they were only dandelions. She always loved everything I did. “You get further being bad and noisy than you ever will be good and quiet.” honestly, she was the most awesome old lady ever!

  3. Haha, that’s both awesome and hilarious! :D YJ would probably be fine with me going, but he wouldn’t want to go with. He already sees the Okinawan firefighters (you know the ones that make a calendar every year?) as his greatest rivals. (Which is great, because it motivates him to work out, even when he’s busy. ;) )

    Here’s a link to the calendar: (It’s actually really good, because it’s for charity, to raise money to keep emergency helicopter services going out to the remote islands of Okinawa!) :)

    • Hahaha. Oh my gosh. I think if I got that Ryosuke actually WOULD feel threatened (since his older brother is a firefighter). I think he would feel more threatened by working professionals with hot bodies than guys who get paid for said hot bodies (if that makes sense).

      Awesome calendar, though!

      • It does make sense! It’s one thing if you make a living from your body’s appearance (you’ll put more effort into it because it’s what creates your earnings), but if you’re buff *and* doing a “proper” job, well… that’s much harder!

        I’ve never gotten the calendar, but I got a set of postcards when I went to Okinawa the first timeーone of them is on the door so YJ can see it on his way out in the morning. ;)

  4. I had to laugh the entire time I read the post! Oh, not that I would ever go with my wife to see the chippendales (though she would definitely love to go there) however I think it is still amusing :)

  5. Well, that is an unusual honeymoon indeed :D

  6. Anonymouse // 19 November, 2014 at 4:45 pm //

    My grandmother would LOVE to go to Chippendales. Unfortunately, her health precludes her from traveling very far, but she is a woman who loves her men. When I was younger she always had some beau or another hanging off her arm, and even now it is not unusual for men her age to check her out.

    Anyway, I have found that Japanese men tend not to be weirded out or threatened by the nudity or sexuality of other (hetero) men. I think there are a lot of reasons behind it, but I do think that the fact that Japan has less of a social taboo surrounding nudity than most (all?) Christian-influenced countries definitely contributes.

    I remember this one time at my school when a bunch of us went on a ski/snowboard trip. Afterwards one of my male friends was showing everyone the pictures, and there were a BUNCH taken of all of the guys in the onsen (with funny clipart covering any NSFW content). My eyes bugged out a bit, but no one else seemed to think it was unusual.

  7. It makes me want to go to Chippendales too! I’d totally go with my mom. I think she would have a blast with it!

  8. this was awesome! i was laughing the whole time from how cute this post was as i read it :)

  9. i have always been a silent reader, but this is too cute not to comment hahaha! especially when Ryosuke snatched the shirt for u xD

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