Comic: Sexy face stubble

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As you may remember from this comic, I love Ryosuke’s beard. It’s so sexy.

Sadly, most Japanese companies do not allow any sort of facial hair (even well-maintained facial hair). I may have actually shed a tear or two when Ryouske shaved his beard back in March when he started at his new company (a very, very traditional Japanese company).

[Also, I drew this comic on the National Holiday two weeks ago, but it got stuck in “blog limbo” where I uploaded it but forgot to publish it. So. Yeah. ]


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27 Comments on Comic: Sexy face stubble

  1. I’m curious as to how Ryosuke looks in a beard though HAHAH btw, I am a relatively new fan of yours and you guys are so adorable and cute and funny! :D

  2. Aaahhhh I met my boyfriend while he was studying in my country, and his hair was long and he had a goatee at the time. Then, he went back to Japan so he had to cut and shave them to get a job. I was a bit upset…but he still looks amazing (^_^)

  3. I concur! When we moved to Canada, Hitoshi refused to shave for the first year or so… because he could. :)

  4. My (Japanese) wife does that to me all the time. And my reaction is pretty much the same. :)

  5. Eric Janson // 29 October, 2014 at 6:07 am //

    Four years ago I was interviewing Japanese candidates to be Country Manager for my company’s Japanese operation. One guy showed up with extremely short hair (almost a shaved head) and a short mustache + beard. My first thought was, “Oh, this is different. This is also Japan. Different is BAD.”
    Then he opened his mouth and started speaking. Thoughtful, wise, well- grounded, abundant know-how.
    Speaking with the Japanese involved in the interview process, they all had the same initial reaction, but more extreme” NO WAY!” And then they had a similar reaction when he started speaking.
    At the end, we were concerned about how our customers would react. Would they get over their initial reactions, too? We took a chance and hired him. And I’m really happy to say that our customers love the guy and he has turned our business around. Our customers include many traditional, conservative Japanese customers.
    A happy ending for facial hair in corporate Japan.

  6. I have been thinking the same thing as you about facial hair, I like it on my husband as well, and I also had my husband grow out his facial hair during each holiday, everytime there is one, then he shaves it the day he goes back to work. I also miss it when he has to shave it off everytime. Did you take a picture of him when he has the stubbles? Last time my husband grew a light beard we took a picture together so that I can keep memories of his facial hair hahaha.

    • Hahahaha. That’s really cute.
      He shaved off his beard in April of this year – so most of our old photos (wedding, honeymoon, general dating), he has facial hair. So the no-beard thing is a recent addition…
      Ask me again next year, though. I might take a whole slew of photos during the holidays!

  7. Can anyone explain to me why in Japan having facial hair is not allowed?? I have heard that it’s not only at work where you should not have a beard but generally in Japan because exists something like a superstition or something. Is it true??

  8. I didn’t even know I liked facial hair until my husband grew some. He has a nice mustache beard goatee combo thing going on. I think he looks funny without it now.

  9. Lucky for me that I work in an American company. I have a bit of beard going. It is “proof” that I work too hard that I don’t even have time to shave ;)

  10. Sing cannot grow any facial hair (besides one single on his neck) = no problem :D

  11. Facial hair is not allowe in most japanese companies? Wow, that’s tough! In Europe those companies would have major lawsuits on there butts as it goes against basic human rights :p
    Not that i am great in growing any facial hairs as I get annoyed by it too quickly but still I think it’s a bit unfair in those companies :)

  12. Haha – aw. I feel for you. My hubby has a nice goatee and I love it. It gives him a mature, manliness. I’d hate if he had to shave it. Have you seen The Oatmeal comic about growing a beard vs shaving a beard? (I don’t care for the artwork or the language but a lot of his comics are true and funny.)

  13. Adorable! Yes, that “no facial hair” rule is pretty widespread, huh? YJ has made it one of his goals in life to grow his hair and beard as long as he can one day, just “because”. Stickin’ it to the man, I guess? I’m on the fence about him doing both the hair and the beard though, as I’m worried he’ll end up looking like one of those skeezy yakuza wannabes, haha!!
    Is Ryosuke as attached to his facial hair as you are, or does he not mind either way? :)

  14. Kawaii! Cute in Japanese.But make him happy and eat natto! Kidding. It’s good to see you two doing well…and sorry about Machu Pichu.

    • Yeah…. Machu Picchu was rough… Oh well.

      • Next time! Oh and my parents (my mom from Japan) and father (Nisei) went to Machi Pichu and hiked. They never took drugs? But the coca tea made them wired! It was funny thinking that my parents got stoned. You and hubby take a lot of videos and pictures too when you go back!

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