Comic: The Easiest way to get rid of a Cold is to give it to Someone Else

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I’m not even joking, this is a legit Japanese phrase. I hear it all the time in Tokyo, along with the equally funny “Idiots can’t catch colds” (which is why Ryosuke’s so healthy, according to him).

[I’m all better now, by the way. I just got a cold over the weekend. It went away on its own and didn’t even latch onto Ryosuke. Yay]


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11 Comments on Comic: The Easiest way to get rid of a Cold is to give it to Someone Else

  1. Like that one time I brought my aunt’s cold from America as omiyage and started lobbing it at my labmates.

  2. Tinker Black // 14 October, 2014 at 1:11 pm //

    The best way to get rid of Ebola is to… nevermind.

  3. Well I must be extremely intelligent then as I always catch all the colds :D and they last for weeks :_(

  4. “Idiots can’t catch colds” hahaha
    I always enjoy your comics, but this one really got me. :)

  5. It probably latched on to someone else LOL! Did you meet anyone else? Might check with them to confirm :D

  6. muhahahahahahahhaahhhahaha :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD I love the fighting drawing :D

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