Comic: The Earthquake Game

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In case anyone is wondering, yes, this actually does happen. Ryosuke’s much better at this game than me (you know, on account of being raised in a country/area that actually has earthquakes).

I like to counter my fears with humor.


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12 Comments on Comic: The Earthquake Game

  1. Just saw this post. Lol. We do the same thing here in California.

  2. Eric Janson // 7 October, 2014 at 6:34 am //

    Marvin, in addition to being a not- too- bad- guesser of Richter- rated events, seems to be a book reader. What’s he studying? Clever little guy he is!

  3. Someone here is so talented ;-). Great comics girl!!

  4. Lol, that is so amusing!!

  5. But what if the epicenter is 5.4 but it’s a 4.2 by the time it reaches you?

  6. Heh! You reminded me of the time (when I was a kid) that I shook my little brother’s bunk-bed as he was sleeping and whispered the word “earthquake” in his ear. Needless to say, he told me the next day that he’d dreamed about an earthquake. Good thing that I didn’t whisper the word “heart-attack” and thump him on the chest! Yes, big brothers can be quite mean. Bwah ha ha ha hah (evil laugh)! ;D

  7. I come from Christchurch, New Zealand and when there were frequent earthquakes and aftershocks, we would always play this game. We would usually get it close – sometimes it’s hard though, what with the depth and distance from where we lived as factors to how big we thought it was. That was the only fun part about the earthquakes – apart from just sitting there, watching the fridge slowly moving further into the kitchen with the shaking!

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