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Sometimes we like to spend our evenings (as mature adults) playing “Wasabi Roulette” (because we’re mature adults, and all).

Wasabi Roulette is a fantastically awful food game, where you cook takoyaki (for more on takoyaki, click here) in a standard, electric takoyaki maker. In each batch, place one with a HUGE chunk of wasabi, instead of the normal hot dog/kimchi/chunk of octopus.

Take turns eating balls of takoyaki, one by one. It’s horrible. And surprisingly fun.


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19 Comments on Comic: Wasabi Roulette

  1. Cute Japanese-style comic ;)
    I know yours are different, but I remember seeing those Japanese cartoon characters everywhere on products, on ads, here and there…
    It’s been ages since I’ve been to Japan and I’d love to revisit.

  2. Bwahahaha, we used to do this with sushi ^__^, except it was ‘fill an entire roll’.

  3. Isn’t that what the vendors do too? I bought tako once in a stall here in Malaysia, it is their customary practice to add 1 wasabi infused tako in a bag, close it, shake it around, before serving it to us properly. That’s why we never buy and eat tako alone! :D

  4. OMG

  5. Sounds culinarily dangerous. Sign me up!

  6. Haha, I’ve done that with friends but with other food items. Same principle, though. So far so good… I hope my “winning” streak stays intact!

    • I’ve only “lost” a couple times. Mostly when I play I try to memorize the shapes of the “bad” takoyaki, so I will only eat the completely different ones (if the outside was a bit burned, I only eat the kind of raw ones). That’s probably cheating, but I haaaaaaaaaaaaaate wasabi, and the husband loves it. So. Yeah.

  7. You guys should play the game on camera sometime. That would be so funny~ :D

  8. This is…ingenious!

  9. That’s an interesting game! I’d be up for it (in theory anyway). Now I just need to find a takoyaki maker…in Croatia. Haha Great comic!

  10. I wish I could make the same game, but there’s no chinese food besides dumplings that could be used (the one I can think of) and if Sing gets a ball of wasabi he will be like ‘yummy’ T_T you guys are adorable :D

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