Comic: Taking Videos of the Fireworks

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But in all seriousness, why do so many people record/take pictures of fireworks?

I mean, of course I do it from time-to-time… but after like the third time I took a video, I realized I was kind of just ruining the moment (and really, I never watched any of the videos after).

Now I just take one or two pictures so I can prove to Facebook that I actually have a life (welcome to the 21st century, folks), and then just enjoy the moment with Ryosuke, free from technology. I like that a lot better.


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19 Comments on Comic: Taking Videos of the Fireworks

  1. Last Monday there were fireworks in the town I was spending my holidays and everybody was filming it with their phones… I had the same thought as Ryosuke. I’m sure nobody watches it afterwards!

  2. Yes! Virtual dap incoming! I feel the same way with cherry blossoms. I think if it’s your first time in Japan, you’re excused, but after that… Really…. How many do you need and are they any different than the last year and the year before that. I put it all in the same category as pictures of food. Social media evidence….

    • Hahahaha. I’m guilty of taking sakura pictures. Then again, I’ve only done two seasons in Japan (and half of one was cut out by a trip up North). I’m sure next year, I will leave the camera in my bag.

  3. I know the key to getting a decent photo of fireworks with an iPhone is to record a video and then save stills from it. I thought that might be why people record them…

    But they still don’t compare to the naked eye!

  4. I’m like you, Grace! I take a few photos and then just try to soak everything in. You miss so much when you’re looking through a lens!

  5. Taking a *good* photo of fireworks is my personal challenge. :D With our DSLR, maaaaaybe this will finally happen. Too bad fireworks only happen twice a year where we live in Canada. :(

    • I always had a fun time at the Texas 4th of July fireworks festivals. Big, bold, loud, and “Texan.”
      What are the seasons for fireworks in Canada?

      • Hey Grace! Long time no reply from moi… the two times I was thinking of were New Year’s and Canada Day but I forgot about Symphony of Fire, firework contests and local events. Those last two aren’t always free but you can listen to the rumbles and see the high fireworks. :)

  6. haha, I totally get what you mean :D but its also the same with matsuri or anything that you see only once in a while. like when I came to japan, everything was so new that I took pictures or dust bins, toilets, onigiri… and the longer you stay here the less pictures and videos you shoot. and, what do you know, you dont have to look at it now, but maybe in 10, 20 years when you”ll search trough stuff on old harddrives you”ll find the video and you”ll reminiscent about those fireworks when you were young and freshly married :)

  7. It is not dumb if you like taking pictures and videos. I love taking videos and pictures of everything. Had 1000 pictures of my rabbit sleeping , standing, eating. Now I have 1000 pctures of my daughter sleeping, standing, eating XD

  8. Some stuff are meant to be enjoyed with the naked eye instead of on video. Fireworks is definitely one of these stuff :D

  9. I don’t do it from one simple reason – I’m too cheap to buy a good quality camera so it always looks like crap :D same like those ‘huge moon pictures’ – never big :D

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