Comic: “It’s not going to help you get motivation”

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I just turned in the PDF for my book last night! I should be approved in about 24 hours – then I can order (and check proofs). If the proofs are ok, I can start printing/shipping the book to all you lovely people who pre-ordered my book on

Of course, working from home can really test your motivation and time management skills. So. Yeah.


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21 Comments on Comic: “It’s not going to help you get motivation”

  1. I believe the lobster page would have been rather enjoyable!

    Congratulation on making it this far already with your work :)

  2. Alcohol and certain drugs do help with motivation. ;)

  3. Haha ganbatte! You can make it. Maybe you should try music as motivation (or are you starting to dance then :D?)

  4. Eric Janson // 10 September, 2014 at 1:08 pm //

    Speaking of bacon — there is the best bacon anywhere on earth (strong words, I know) at the breakfast buffet of the hotel Granvia at Kyoto Station. Yes, I know this sounds absurd, but trust me – just try it. There are two kinds, the crispy and the baked. It is the baked bacon that’s amazing. Plain, as an accompaniment, as part of a Bacon Buttie, this bacon is incredible. Their toasting bread is homemade and also great…
    I don;t always stay there but I always walk over there for the breakfast!
    Anyway congratulations to Grace on this important milestone! Your rabbit friend / conscience (forgot his name, I keep thinking Harvey..) is a great add to the cartoons.

  5. Great work!
    …What inspired the “lobster” essay I wonder?
    I suspect I’d do the same, but for bacon. Mmm, bacon. :D

  6. A couple of Sapporos are all that anyone needs for motivation!

  7. A couple of Sa

  8. realgunners // 10 September, 2014 at 11:28 am //

    First thing I will do when I get the book is to search for that page with 500 words of “lobster” :D

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