Long Distance From China to America (Surviving the Distance)

This week’s guest post is from Alexis, about her long distance relationship. She writes: 

I’m so grateful to get to write a guest post on Grace’s site because she was the FIRST site I looked at on the day I found out my boyfriend was going halfway across the world to China. I was frantically searching “Long Distance Relationship” sites and articles on support and people who are or have been going through long distance.

I knew absolutely no one in person that has done long distance, so there was obviously no one to talk to through this difficult time. I read one of Grace’s posts and she commented back immediately and was so positive. I started reading the other comments as well and seeing what others were going through helped me out a lot.

I was starting to not feel so lonely anymore; none of us are alone in this.

Alexis share your story surviving distance guest post nathan

My boyfriend and I started out as long distance funny enough. I met him through his brother in St. Louis, Missouri and we briefly talked here and there for a year but never anything serious. He eventually asked me out a year later and we were pretty much smitten from that day on. You honestly never realize what you have in front of you until you go for something and take a risk!

To get to the long distance part, he lived in Columbia, Missouri which was about 2 hours away. Wow, at the time I thought this was absolutely horrible. Now I would do anything to get it back, but I have also came to realize all of the perks of being long distance.

This goes to anyone who is about to go through long distance:

You’re probably thinking in your head how tough and challenging this may be. You’re extremely worried about what is going to happen and if you guys will last. I was in that exact position before and the outsiders opinions weren’t helping at all.

I was very negative about the situation and it made me realize a lot about myself.

This long distance relationship might be one of the best things that has ever happened to me. You need to become as positive and optimistic as possible and also realize you’re going to learn SO much about yourself.

Being in a long distance relationship will honestly allow you to become so incredibly independent and you’ll also grow into such a strong person. You become so extremely grateful for any second you get to talk to your loved one or see them. I noticed I was starting to take the time I had with my boyfriend for granted when he moved closer to me, and this has been such an eye opening experience.

To sum things up, my boyfriend is in China until July of 2015 and I will be living in Chicago, Illinois finishing school. I also just landed a “Big Girl Job” and I will have an unlimited amount of time to focus on this.

Alexis share your story surviving distance guest post nathan

Just know it WILL get better. It WILL get easier over time. There will be days when you feel like you are at Day 1.

This is a quote that I say out loud everyday:

“Don’t think of it as one day farther from when you last saw them, but one day closer to seeing them.” Every day, every minute that passes is bringing you closer to the day you get to either see your loved one, or finally live with them with no more goodbyes.

I would love to talk to anyone that is going through a long distance relationship and in need of some support. I’m here to talk and we can support each other and become friends as well! =)

Author Bio: Alexis and her boyfriend Nathan have been long distance for half of their relationship. At the beginning, they were a mere 2 hours apart, but now they are on complete opposite sides of the world. Alexis runs the site Fitnancials.com, where she talks about improving both your fitness and finances. Make sure to check out her Facebook page for Fitnancials!  

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  1. Hi Alexis! I’m Christa – currently in a LDR too, my bf is in California while I’m in Indonesia.. we’ve been in a relationship for a year now, still going strong and wishing that we’ll be able to live together one day! Goodluck for your LDR! :)

  2. I am just happy that the longest distance which was between me and my wife was only a 30min car ride. This distance was more than enough for me at least and thankfully this is already many years in the past as we live together for several years.
    However you can never be too sure how life developes. My future jobs very likely may include traveling abroad for some time so this long-distance threat will never be gone until we both retire someday.#
    Hope you both will be fine :)

  3. Aww! I know I’ve commented this before, but I love hearing about other people’s long distance relationships working out. It gives me so much encouragement for my own. When I met my boyfriend he lived 40 minutes away, then this past summer he moved 1.5 hours away, and I thought that was bad! Now he’s living 5.5 hours away and I hope that’s the farthest he’ll ever be from me! :) One day…

    • Hi Veronica! It’s Alexis. It sounds like you guys are professionals at LDR now but soon enough you guys will be living together! Just need to make a plan if there isn’t one already. =)

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