Video: Countdown to the end of my Kickstarter Project (to fund my comic book)

"My Japanese Husband Thinks I'm Crazy" was over 200% funded!

Well, it’s finished.

The month-long campaign to fund my autobiographical comic book “My Japanese Husband Thinks I’m Crazy” on is finally done. After spanning 32 days and achieving 200% funding, I can easily say the project was a success.

So what now?

Now, I put the final touches on the book, send it off to my copywriter (because my spelling and grammar is awful), and wait 2-3 weeks to get the money from Kickstarter. Once I have the money and finish with the final touches on the book, I will send it off to the publisher. I am self-publishing (hence the need for crowd-funding), so I’m in charge of all the “little stuff” like ISBN numbers, copyrights, formatting, fact-checking, and all those other little things I didn’t even realize factored into whether a book is successful or not.

I expect formatting and troubleshooting the layout will take another week. Once it’s perfect (or I just give up and say “good enough”), I can order sample proofs, check what the book looks like in print, make the necessary changes, re-check the new proofs, and send books to every single one of your lovely and wonderful people who supported this project.

If you missed your chance to support my crowd funding project and buy a copy of the book, don’t worry. The book will go on sale in early November on (among other places), where you can either buy a book or a kindle version of “My Japanese Husband Thinks I’m Crazy.”

I will keep updating y’all with my progress. And don’t worry, starting Monday, I will go back to the regular posting schedule.



kickstarter screen shot finished fully funded


About Grace Buchele Mineta

I got into the writing business by accident. Now I live in the countryside near Tokyo with my husband, Ryosuke, where I draw comics, blog, and make videos about our daily life. Contact: Website | More Posts

20 Comments on Video: Countdown to the end of my Kickstarter Project (to fund my comic book)

  1. Ready for syndication? Are we watching history in the making here? – – a new entry in the comic strip arena, to eventually join the likes of Chick Young (Blondie), Walt Kelly (Pogo), Al Capp (L’il Abner), Brian Bassett (Red & Rover), maybe even – – dare I say it? – – Charles Schultz (Peanuts)? (Trying to say all of this in such a way that comparison with the greats is taken as a compliment and certainly not as criticism* ) – – a new entry with a new idea that coincidentally inspires vague reminiscences of some elements in such greats as Cathy (by Cathy Guisewite)(life and lifestyle situations) and Calvin & Hobbes (by Bill Watterson) (Marvin analogous to Hobbes), but of course this new entry is unique in its own refreshing way, and we can all relate to it because it’s highly personal. Looking forward to watching this develop.

    *(I try to choose my words with care
    To keep them soft and sweet
    ‘Cause I never know, from time to time,
    Which ones I’ll have to eat! )

    • Thank you so much. This comment really means a lot to me – especially since I grew up reading Calvin and Hobbes. I can see quite a few similarities between Hobbes and Marvin (then again, there goes the idea of original thought). I’m really excited to watch this project develop.

      I’m still touched and astonished by how many people love and support my comics. This is a great feeling. I have tons of motivation to be successful now!

  2. Hey Grace, Just a question on Kickstarter. If you achieve your funding target plus surplus, is the surplus pure profit and if so can this be applied to the book in way of benefits such as better quality printing services or are you compelled to stick to what you have advertised?

    Congrats by the way. Great job!

    • Good question. Short answer, no, you can use the funding for whatever you want. I have to pay about 40% taxes on everything I raise, so even though I got “over funded,” a sadly large part of that funding goes to taxes (something I didn’t realize when I first created the kickstarter).
      I am going to end up printing a “better” book (larger margins, 50 more pages, etc), which will increase the price per book. I’m still walking away with about 2000 in profit, though, so that’s wonderful.

      I’ve seen horror stories of people who created a comic book for kickstarter and did these crazy “stretch goals” (like, if I get above $20,000, everyone gets moved up a pledge level or I add an extra book!) only to realize their costs ended up being greater than their profit and ending up about $3000 in the red. So I would just say be careful about what you advertise….? And you can always surprise people later by making things (more) awesome.

  3. Congratulations Grace!!! <3 I can't wait to read it :)
    I'm so proud!

  4. Congrats Grace!! :D what an achievement! Can’t wait to read it! xx

  5. CONGRATS!!! Can’t wait to receive the book!!

  6. You made it, congrats! Sleep is just around the corner ;-)

  7. Internet people says thank you too for drawing awesome comics! :D

  8. Yeah good you made it. Congratulation :)!

  9. (^_^)

  10. I’m high-fiving with you via the screen :D I got so excited watching that video I woke up Sing :D I just felt your excitement :)

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