Comic: “… Just ONE more wear!”

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So the last comic I did was about how I think it’s stupid to do laundry every day (especially since we are two adults, with no children). Most families in Japan do laundry every day; most families in America do NOT do laundry every day (growing up, we did it once a week).

In a similar way, I don’t necessarily wash clothes each time I wear them.

And before you go “Ewwww, Grace, that’s NASTY (and earn Ryosuke as a friend, for agreeing with him),” I’m not talking about clothes I wear all day. I talking about a shirt or jacket I wear for a couple hours in the evening, after a shower. Or jeans that I’ve worn two or three times. In this case, I wore this overshirt all evening (after getting back from the festival) and then, rather than putting it in the wash (because how dirty can it get from 4 hours of wear inside the comfort of my own home), I keep it on the back of a chair, so I can wear it again tomorrow evening, if I want.

Ryosuke thinks this is nasty. I think it saves time/money/water.



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47 Comments on Comic: “… Just ONE more wear!”

  1. I agree with you, things have to be washed when they are dirty!
    I never understand that obsession of poeple who wash all in a compulsive way all the time. That is very bad for the environnement, that waste water, money, time as you said.
    And it make poeple become more sensitive to diseases because they don’t have the opportunity to develop antibodies, in fact that is very bad for the poeple and for the environnement. Just have to find the perfect balance.

  2. Does you husband also use a tiny towel which has to be washed after every shower? I found it unbelievable when I visited my in laws last year. They used a small towel for drying the body also as I have relatively long hair which is very porous I had to use a second towel for my hair then both would be put in the basket, washed in the morning and hung out ready to use the next night. Even when my partner and I were living in Australia together he would use a small towel which would be changed everyday (luckily just put in the basket and wait for enough washing to amass) while I would use a large towel for maybe a week before washing. (I mean you’re clean when you get out the shower and you only use it for drying off the water why would it get dirty so easy?)

    We did argue once about how frequently clothes needed to be washed, Ren had the habit that after he got home he would have a shower and get changed into his pyjamas and put the days clothes in the basket. Then in the morning he would put his sleeping clothes in the basket so essentially he would wear two outfits per day and meant we had to do washing every 2-3 days. Australian summer gets up to around 40 degrees so usually you’re sweating like crazy yet somehow he would wear long pants and a shirt to sleep in… I usually just slept in my knickers with the fan blasting me. He also would sometimes change his underwear 2-3 times in a day, sure I can understand wanting to change them after you’ve had a shower but more than that is a bit extreme. The argument ended when I explained to him about the Australian climate and how we try to conserve our water supplies since we’re nearly perpetually in drought. After that he would either not wear Pj’s or he’d use them for 2-3 days before putting in the basket.

    I’m also a fan of the if it doesn’t stink I can wear it again, especially since I work in a job where they wash and iron my uniform for me so I rock up to work in what ever get into my uniform then after change back drop my uniform in the wash bin and head home. So my clothes for the day may have been worn a total of 1-2 hours before I get into my cool nightie for lazing around at home. So a pair of jeans can easily last two weeks and a shirt maybe worn twice (unless its winter as I wear my shirt under my uniform as an extra layer of warmth)

    • Hahahaha. Oh my gosh, yes. Actually, my inlaws used to wash my large bath towel after every SINGLE wear! I thought it was crazy. And they only washed my towel, too.

      After I had visited a couple times, they stopped washing my towel every time. Now they only wash it once a week (maybe twice). So I’m glad that was only because I was a guest.

      Ryosuke’s gotten better at not washing his clothes every day now. It’s the power of love~!

  3. mychinesebf // 30 October, 2014 at 8:43 am //

    I don’t see what the problem is if I haven’t been sweating all day. :p As long as my clothes aren’t gross I will wear them more than once. I like to wait till I have a giant pile and forced to wash everything. At least I can get it all done at once! I’m glad I have a dryer to use. In China I always felt uncomfortable drying my underwear outside on the balcony. :( Being extra curvy in certain places makes you self conscious.

  4. Anonymous // 7 October, 2014 at 12:15 pm //

    After I take a shower i throw on some “pajamas” (shirt and shorts) i wear them more than once. I dont find that gross. I feel that i would go through a lot of clothes if i couldn’t wear them more than once

  5. Oh gosh!! I am definitely with you here. Laundry is a giant pain–it is time-consuming, and in places where water isn’t great or you have to hang-dry, it is just downright impractical to wash things every day, or when you haven’t seriously even worn them. I wash my clothes very rarely. Of course, anything that gets stained or that I’ve worn a long time/to do anything dirty in will get thrown in the hamper. But often things like jeans will get a lot of wears. I also tend to change clothes a lot throughout the day, and I have a LOT of clothes, so something might get worn a couple of hours and then not again for a month. If it doesn’t smell, or you didn’t do anything gross to it, I think it is better for your clothes if you don’t wash them after every single wear. (Towels also get a couple of uses. I mean, it’s just water, right? You LITERALLY used them after you were done cleaning yourself. How dirty can they be? Just make sure to air them out so they don’t mildew!) Of course underwear get one wear and then I wash them. 4/5 loads of laundry around here is just underwear.
    I had a fun time reading the responses though. :) Fun to see that everyone is a little different!

  6. i think it also keeps up the quality of your clothes!!

    ive been in korea 6 months, and the clothes i have to wash a lot get stretched out, and dingy-looking. i think the water is harder here. and hang-drying EVERYTHING is so annoying … T_T
    even in the states i hung a lot of my clothes so they wouldnt shrink or get faded, but seriously, hanging socks!?
    and i cant imagine doing laundry every day when i fill a drying rack and it takes at least a whole day to dry. boo. i usually prop up the space heater next to my drying rack to speed up the process lol

    • All of the straps of my tank-tops have gotten super stretched out from hanging them every wash (but then again, they came from Walmart). I’m hanging them upside-down now, and the stretch is less noticeable… but still… It’s so sad.

  7. Yeah, but Grace, the thing is, when you have hay fever, you can’t tell if your stuff is odorous or not. Trust me, it happened lots… Just wash em.

  8. Well, we wash clothes by hands, no washing machine, so I’ll wash only what I wear the whole day, 2 or 3 hours will be worn again tomorrow and pajamas will be washed once in 2 days, didn’t think of saving anything but pity the one who wash the clothes hehe

  9. In our household, it is my (American) wife who wants to throw everything into a wash machine. If I leave clothes I am planning to wear again after showering outside the stall, poof, they would be gone when I get out! If I protest, she would give me a disgusted look. Same with towels–she wants to change them everyday.

  10. Haha, my boyfriend is Japanese and we both totally do this. No harm in wearing clothes again if they aren’t too dirty or smelly, right?

  11. Febreeze is your friend :P

  12. Google this phrase: “Anderson Cooper reveals he wears the same jeans every day and only washes them four times a year… while in the shower”

    Show that to your husband and see if he is still grossed out by you.

    If he is, you’re not alone. My Japanese husband doesn’t think I wash things often enough either….

  13. I definitely use the sniff test. I don’t want to do laundry all the time!

  14. It depends on the kind of clothes. For me (I live in Switzerland) of course underwear, socks and shirts get one use only and then I wash it. Jumpers and sweaters get two to tree uses (in normal condition, of course not if I went hinking in them), jeans and hodies that I use over the top of other clothes even four uses, same for some special fabric clothes like skirts and dresses, that I reuse several times. With winter jumpers made of wool and alpaca it is even advised by the manufacturer not to wash them too often and just put them outside in the air during the night and they will clean themselves. Other clothes need chemical washing and you can’t do that every time you wear them. Basically I judge case by case, also depending on how I used them. And as for towels, I will use the same ones for 3-4 days. I do laundry once a week (for myself only). I think washing clothes too often will get them needlessly ruined faster and is not ecological to wash towels after one use only. Here in Europe hotels even encourage guests to reuse them to minimize water waste and pollution with soap.

  15. Dara Harris // 24 August, 2014 at 8:09 pm //

    No waaaay, that’s totally fine!!!

    Y’know, I’ve never quite understood why jeans get special “wash less often” treatment as pants, but I also don’t just wear those once o.o Perhaps because they’re too expensive.

    Also, maybe you just smell better than Ryosuke :D

  16. AkimboDeagle // 24 August, 2014 at 7:48 pm //

    I sometimes buy stuff at a mens chain called yd, they sell clubby shirts, jeans etc. At the checkout they tell you not to wash the jeans, just put it in a bag and in the fridge overnight! How does that work after a night in a sweaty dance pit and spillage?

  17. I am really thankful that my Chinese family isnt that extreme (except father-in-law…) so I can actually were certain clothes a few times without washing :)

  18. 100% agree!! No point in doing laundry everyday!! Too much water, energy, effort and money get wasted…!! I think it is completly wrong enviromentally to the level that someone should tell people that do laundry everyday that they shouldn’t!!

  19. I really start to think it has to be an Asian thing, you know how Momzilla is. I will reply for your comment here: she thinks only hands can clean, machines can be useless. But what do you expect from someone who was raised by Grandzilla (outside grandma) that first washes all clothes by hands and then throws them to the washing machine (!!!!). It’s so ridiculous I can’t even describe it. I remember in HK we didn’t have a washing machine (limited space and after us moving out Momzilla was renting the flat anyway) I had to wash all my and Sing’s clothes by hands. Every single day. Every single time we go out. At least she let me do it before I showered (so I don’t sweat after shower), but first thing she did every time she went out was washing the clothes and taking a shower. There’s no way she could reuse a cloth, even if she only went downstairs.
    For me – if I didn’t wear it for a whole day and didn’t sweat, why not? (oh, we, disgusting foreigners :D)

  20. I do that too, if it’s only for a few hours. If it reaches 6+ hours, I’ll wash it. But if it’s only for an evening, then it’s good for another wear :P

  21. Absolutely! If it’s not dirty, don’t wash it yet. Especially when you’re talking “over/outer-wear”. Really, some fabrics don’t wear as well or become worn-out quicker the more you wash them. You’re not only saving water & reducing detergent pollution; you’re saving money by extending the life of your clothes! Ryosuke should be thanking you :D ♡♥♡!

  22. Eric Janson // 24 August, 2014 at 10:57 am //

    *sniff sniff* I am laughing so loudly the hotel room next door must think I have cashed in! Yes, I do the same and thought no one else did….

  23. Totally with you on this. If the pits smell then it’s defintely into the wash for me. We do laundry once a week.

  24. Brave are you for asking this although Ryosuke should have his own post and ask the same thing. :D Ooo! Ooo! Ooo! Do a poll! That would be fun.

  25. I’m with you. If it’s still clean don’t wash it!

  26. Not all Japanese find that disgusting – my husband for one. He’s a big one for the smell test! He is also the “towel police” at our house, always nagging the kids to hang them up so they can dry properly and be used again before washing. I think he may be a weird Japanese – or, I’ve just succeeded in Americanizing him a bit. :)

  27. Hahaha I do the same thing for clothes I was wearing in an air-conditioned room.

  28. I completely agree with you! If the shirt/pants/jacket isn’t dirty, why wash it after only a couple of hours wear? The only thing I don’t re-wear is underclothes and socks.

  29. I’m like that with hoodies and jeans. And certain shirts.

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