Comic: To see what someone is afraid of losing, look at their camera

Your camera is a window into your soul...?

Ryosukes Butt comic cartoon to see what someone values look at their cameraI was killing time before work on Tumblr (yeah, I’m one of those people) and I saw this short article with the premise “to see what someone truly values in life and is afraid of losing, look at what they choose to take pictures of”.

For some reason, that really struck me, like, hard. I take a lot of pictures. Does that mean I’m afraid of losing a lot of things?

Just for fun, I started flipping through my camera. It was full of pictures of quirky Japanese things (for my blog)… and pictures of Ryosuke’s butt (he has a cute butt).

This comic practically wrote itself. 


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15 Comments on Comic: To see what someone is afraid of losing, look at their camera

  1. This is hilarious!!! I am a mama of 4 kids so my pictures are mostly of them… of taken by them ;)

  2. Lol once in high school a guy friend of mine was looking through my phone and said “wow you have a lot of selfies and pictures of your cat…no seriously that is all the pictures you have” 5 years later still all that’s in my phone but with the addition of cute pictures of my nails and really yummy food XD

    I do fear getting old I am only 21 though and don’t look it so YAY !

  3. My camera is filled with selfies…. I hope that doesn’t mean I am afraid of losing myself?

  4. My phone is still filled with pictures of my niece even though I’ve already saved them to my computer. That and I have pictures of times spent with my best friend. Also, depending on whether or not I’ve cleared through my phone, usually there are at least 5 images of my adorable puppy. :)

  5. Oh god, No!!! Besides the recent food and Penang scenery photos, my camera is basically filled with work related photos, like the readings on my electronics instruments, location of my machines etc. Does that mean I’m afraid to lose my job?? Crap!!

    • Oh no…
      I mean, I don’t know how “true” that quote really was. I have TONS of weird Japan-related things (for future blog posts), food, and stuff, so I think we all have weird stuff on our camera.

  6. Therefore, the ubiquity of selfies would mean most people are afraid of losing…

  7. if someone ever steals your camera, he/she will be surprised :D for me it’s… food. yes, I’m definitely afraid to lose food and my cat

    • Yeah, I’m actually surprised my camera hasn’t been lost/stolen yet. It’s more likely to break from me dropping it (which, sadly, I do all the time).

      I think EVERYONE takes too many pictures of their food/pets. That’s just how cameras go~

  8. Haha, maaaaan, you almost made me spit out my coffee just then. XD
    I’m all for cheap laughs, and that one was a good one. :D
    I would take more pics of YJ’s butt, but I almost always take pictures on my phone and there’s been an awkward scroll-through or two when I’ve wanted to show something else to a friend so lately I’ve been holding back… ^^;

    • Yeah… I’ve had a couple of those awkward moments (or when someone thinks they’re being clever and starts going through my camera, like NO. STOP IT. DON’T LOOK, YOU WILL SEE THINGS THAT CAN’T BE UNSEEN!)

      Thanks :)

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