Comic: Make It Rain!

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Ryosuke and I started dating in one of my “awkward phases” (to be fair, there were a lot of them). Early on, I watched some movie (or something) where the character used “Make it Rain!”

I thought it was really cool, so I sort of “adopted” that phrase and used it far too often. And incorrectly.

Now, years later, that habit won’t seem to leave Ryosuke. We BOTH use “Make it Rain” incorrectly, it’s become our go-to phrase when we get a great deal on something.

Deep down, I know that’s not exactly what “Make it Rain!” means.

But when Ryosuke says it, it’s really cute. So, you know. We let it be.


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11 Comments on Comic: Make It Rain!

  1. So funny! I really laughed out loud. I like to use grammar incorrectly sometimes because I think it sounds cute (like quails!), but then after awhile it starts sounding right…

  2. I need a real “Make it rain!” desperately! My place is engulfed in terrible haze for the past 2 weeks.

  3. ,lol Gracie, “Make it rain” means throwing cash at strippers XD but, I like the way you and Ryosuke use it better :3 <3

  4. Co worker and I use it only the time.what surprise me dude is like He does the hand gesture too.

  5. Well, I don’t know what it means at all, so you’re one up on me! ;)

  6. I wouldn’t mind actual clothing falling down like a rain :D

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