Comic: Why did you have to die?

67 basil died comic cartoon gaijin in Japan comic

It’s not fair. Ugh.

Ryosuke bought 13 plants (5 different types). All I got were two little basil plants.

His survived while both of my little basil plants died :(


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20 Comments on Comic: Why did you have to die?

  1. No worries I don’t have a green thumb when I was little I wanted to grow my own flowers and so my mother bought me this planter with a couple different types of seeds and I took good care of it and instead of flowers I got these weird tiny poison things so I cried and my mother felt bad so she had my dad plant a bush in the front yard and said I grew it lol

    And that bush is still there YAY !

  2. My wife is also not the best when it comes to plants. She already killed a cactus few years back…now she won’t even try anymore to grow something:p

  3. Basil is easy inside keep in a place that gets some sun but not all day and keep moist if it looks limpy its not happy give it water.

  4. Lindsey Blais // 16 July, 2014 at 3:05 am //

    Hahaha don’t feel bad, basil is really hard to take care of, in comparison to other plants.

  5. I lost it with ‘basil-chan’ :D maybe that’s the law of nature? keep the balance at your home? my mom cannot make any plant survive as well, you might have that magic hands too :D

    • Hahahaha, I think I remember reading that on your “my mother-in-law might be a witch” post.
      Raising plants is hard. I think we’re going to switch to herbs and flowers next year (because our eggplant and tomato plants haven’t given us anything yet. They just grow a bunch and take up space…)

  6. Awww… I can totally relate. Every time I want to take good care of a plant they die a slow and horrible death.

  7. My friend gave me a really cute house-warming plant. It had pink and green leaves! Unfortunately, its leaves fell off one by one and the stalks turned black. Quite dead.

  8. Did you water them too much in your eagerness? If my memory is correct, basil needs moist soil, but too much water will kill it.

  9. Awww, poor basil. :(I have the same effect, but on plum trees. I’ve bought one every year and yet they only last a couple of months… One day, one day!! They will live on! *shakes fist* But yeah, it’s a bummer, isn’t it? :( Going to try another batch?

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