Comic: Making sure no one looks up my skirt

51 looking up my skirt comic cartoon amwf amww japan living in japan foreigner husband is japanese texan in tokyo So when I was studying abroad in Tokyo, there was this huge thing in the newspaper where a Japanese man got arrested for hiding face-up in a gutter near an all-women’s university so he could peek up their skirts and look and their undies.

I wrote about it in my Chikan article.

Recently I’ve been checking in gutters when I’m wearing a skirt. Like, I don’t think that will happen (like ever), but every once and a while, when I get a weird feeling, I check.

In Japan, upskirting (taking photos on the stairs/escalator under a girl’s skirt) happens more often than you would think. Also, I got groped in the crowds in Shibuya after the World cup, and since then I’ve been really paranoid about both gropers and upskirters.

So this weekend, when we were out in Ibaraki, I was checking to make sure no dirty old men were hiding in the gutters near rice fields.

Ryosuke just laughed at me because he was like “babe, it’s Ibaraki, if you’re safe anywhere in Japan, it’s Ibaraki.”


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14 Comments on Comic: Making sure no one looks up my skirt

  1. Just have your husband do things “Texan style” and open a can of whoop ass.Word will get around. It might even pick up where others do the same and start giving a beat down to these perverts.

  2. I also do the bloomer-style shorts or volleyballesque ones when I wear skirts or even just short shorts. It may not make a difference, but I certainly feel better about walking around in a skirt. Subway stations are the most treacherous when it comes to random blasts of wind from nowhere. ^^;

    • I know! And escalators in Japan. I always get worried when I’m climbing the stairs – because a lot of my Japanese friends have said when they were in middle school, they used to (or their friends used to) sit at the bottom of the stairs and try to look up all the girl’s skirts.

      Now if I guy (or girl) is sitting at the bottom of the stairs, I automatically assume that’s what they’re doing…

  3. It’s to do with sexual repression. We’ve all read the articles about men being “herbivores” when it comes to women, choosing virtual girlfriends, staying at home etc…. Couple this with Japanese women becoming more independent and modern over the decades – as in, not willing to refuse the traditional status quo as “subservient, stay at home wife” (although plenty seem to be OK with that relationship dynamic when it comes to foreign guys, hmmmm) …. and thus not even noticing such herbivores as potential men they would enter a relationship with.

    This all means that Japanese men need to satisfy their sexual urges. Of course it’s a reflection of the society that whilst sex starved men from other nations rape, Japanese men perv. Obviously it’s not ideal, but far better than the alternative.

    (of course the other alternative is for Japanese men to stop being such weeds and be a lot more active in seeking out women the “normal” way, but I don’t think that will happen soon)

  4. Anonymous // 24 June, 2014 at 11:46 pm //

    [My apologize for da misspelled/abbreviated words, I’m on my phone]
    Yea, diz is become a trend in Japan and in Europe and even in S. America. I hate to put myself out like this but u find diz kinda stuff on porn sites. Me personally, its not even a turn on watching that kinda stuff. Its just too perverted to me. I also hate to say diz but America is somewhat to blame. America, especially California is Porn capital. This stuff influence ppl to do diz kinda stuff. If you look at China, Russia, just any conservative country. You will find it rarely ppl that have access to tese kinda thing or advertise or on mainstream media.

  5. I think it has something to do with the glorification of schoolgirls, short skirts and childlike Atrributen in adults (look always cute and innocent), which do not exist in Europe so. Of course, this does not concern all Japanese, but such warnings I have not seen anywhere else.
    I do not think that you must eb afraid. We non-Asianten are usually not so shy and defy the perverts. If someone were touch me on the train, I would yell at him or even dish out a slap o both ;-)

    • I was surprised by how much “schoolgirl” stuff is for sale in Japan.

      I think it’s a cointoss for “Western women.” Some of my friends have been touched by chikan more than once on a crowded train – others have never had an experience.

  6. Do most Japanese women wear underwear (aka pantsu) that is as modest and frilly as the bras you wrote about in one of your previous posts? If so, I don’t see what the chikan have to get excited over.

  7. do what I did – get a tiny under-skirt pants, they look like that – I got a longer one in ROSS, no one can normally see them (no lines or anything) or if someone is ugly perverted (or there’s too much wind) the only thing people will be able to see is big black pants under, muahaha :) I got them because I have one lovely skirt but if the wind is too strong everyone would see my underwear. it might be a good solution for you :) maybe you can feel more comfortable walking around :)

    • I actually have a couple of those :)
      I bought them in America pretty much for that reason. I think they’re still packed somewhere in storage (I know, 1 month later and I STILL haven’t unpacked everything. Hah. It’s so sad).

    • Those things look just like women’s volleyball shorts.

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