Things I love about Japan: Dog Clothes

Not just the people - the dogs of Japan are also impeccably dressed

cute dog clothes japan pet animal fashion

I don’t own a dog. Or a cat. Or any animals – mostly because our apartment doesn’t allow pets.

Instead Ryosuke and I have plants. It’s like having a pet (ish), except feeding them just involved dumping water on them every morning, they aren’t able to show affection, and it’s totally not weird if you eat them for dinner (we grow herbs like mint, basil, and cilantro).

plants balcony herb japan

Kind of like a fish, I guess. Except you can’t eat your pet goldfish. And fishes are surprisingly easy to accidentally kill.

The reason I love looking at dogs (and babies) out in public is the fact that they’re cute, affectionate, and wearing adorable clothes – and completely unattainable. Ryosuke and I can’t have take care of a dog any more than we can take care of a baby. Or a fish.

Moving on, I love dog outfits in Japan.

Japanese dog festival costumes Japan

Who doesn’t love dog outfits? (Now that I think about it, the dogs probably don’t. Or do they? I have no idea.)

It’s socially unacceptable to freak out and/or take pictures of cute babies. But dogs? Go for it. Dogs have special outfits for festivals. Or for “casual wear.” Or sometimes they match their owner. It’s really cute.

I don’t really have anything else to say on the matter. I just love dog outfits.

And dogs.

And any animal, really.

Which is probably the reason I go to so many rabbit cafes and cat cafes (you can pay by the hour to play with the animals) in Japan.

Dog clothes picture outfit japan

Sorry this post is so short, I don’t really have anything else to say. I just wanted to show pictures of dogs (and I kind assume that’s all everyone wanted to see, anyways).

cute dog clothes japan pet animal fashion



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13 Comments on Things I love about Japan: Dog Clothes

  1. Once I tried to take a photo of a very tiny-cutie dog in Yoyogi Park, but its owner went saying NO PHOTO quite rudely. I was so confused and embarrassed, I’ve never dared to try it again since then.

    Also, someone told me that I shouldn’t stare at babies in Japan, because Japanese parents don’t like it. I don’t know. This I won’t be able to help, I think.

    • Really? That’s so strange…
      I guess some people get really over-protective about their pets? All the people I’ve seen kind of encourage picture taking (especially in the photo with the small dog in traditional Japanese clothes).

  2. My dog would never ever let me do something like that to him. He tries to pull out my arm when I just try to make him wear the drool bib instead of his usual collar. No way I can try to turn him into a doll!

  3. Cats have a mind of their own. My daughter’s cat even refuses to wear his collar. Without his collar, the neighbors half a block away thought he was a stray and took him to the pound. He had an ID chip, but the workers didn’t know how to use the chip reader. My daughter was so worried. She finally found him. But he still wriggles out of his collar. He’d never consent to clothing.

    • Glad your daughter found her cat! That’s kind of scary.

      I agree, cats have a mind of their own. I’m always surprised when I see a cat actually dressed up (rare, but it happens).

  4. It looks sweet, but I dont like dog clothes or chlothes for each animal. It humanizes the animals too much. I can not imagine that the clothing is comfortable and practical for the animals. Animals are not dress-up dolls. In Germany Dog-Clothing is not common.

  5. Noooo! dog clothes are just wrong! dogs look ridiculous wearing clothes, haha.
    our golden retriever just has a rain coat because if she gets wet we have to dry her with the hairdryer for hours… she also has rain boots but they are quite complicated to wear!

    • Hahahaha. We never put doggie clothes on my sister’s dog (well, we put on a Santa cape for christmas, but he pulled it off right away, so we stopped bothering…).
      I really have no idea if some dogs like it or if they have just learned to tolerate it. Doggie rain coat. That’s cute. Wow.

  6. I had a dream to dress up my kitty in a baby’s clothes #crazycatlady ;)

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