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So I had this really great pair of glasses for the last two years. I loved them.

And somehow, while I was staying with my Nonnie in Texas, I lost them. And, like, I have a backup pair of glasses, but they squeeze my face and are super-uncomfortable. So I never wear them. And I haven’t bought another pair of glasses because I’ve been planning on getting eye surgery since, like November of 2013, so buying new glasses would just be a waste of money.

In the mean time, I just don’t wear glasses.

Which means I can’t see very well. And I sometimes get lost. And can’t quite order my food at fast-food restaurants. It drives Ryosuke crazy.


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17 Comments on Comic: What does that say…?

  1. You needed to look at the menu in McDonalds?

  2. lol seriously? Anyway JINS and zoff have really affordable and decent glasses, maybe 5000 yen? Pretty sure eye examination is included…

    • Alright, I will check that out!

      • I 2nd on the JIN/zoft recommendation. My friend who lives in Seattle waits until he has a trip to Japan to go there for new glasses, even though he has decent insurance here .. It’s still cheaper.

        • I think I’m actually going to go ahead and get eye surgery next month (once we’ve saved up enough) – because I just dislike wearing glasses. But yes, from what I see, glasses are cheaper in Japan than in the states.

  3. Eric Janson // 8 June, 2014 at 4:42 pm //

    Don’t ever buy glasses in Germany. They’ll run you 800 to 1600 Euros before you can blink. If you ever get to Shanghai there is an amazing eyeglasses market near the old train station. Floors of eyeglasses, super- cheap. Bet you find your faves there. They’ll copy a prescription set or give you a new exam for free if you buy five or more pair. And believe me, you can afford five pair there. Leave some in Texas, some in Ibaraki, never be without even if you lose a couple more ;-)

    • Hahahaha. Sounds like a plan.
      I refuse to buy another pair because they are easily 100 – 200 in the US (and similar pricings in Japan). Plus, my prescription might be expired now.

      One day I hope to be rich enough to have like 10 pairs of glasses, so I can lose them everywhere and not have to worry about it.

  4. ahaha I can totally get your logic! Buying a cool pair of glasses can be a nice shopping treat though.. You only have to find the right pair!

    I have a slight-to-medium vision defect and I could get the surgery too, but somehow I just love to wear my glasses so much I do not want to give up on them! Am I weird for that?!

    • I actually totally get that feeling. I LOVED my old glasses – they were the sort of hipster black frame glasses. I thought they made me look really cool.
      I keep holding out for someone finding them and sending them back to me… (even thought that’s totally not going to happen)

      I mean, there’s always the “fake” glasses with clear glass that blocks UV. That works too!

  5. Haha that’s pretty funny. Good luck on the eye surgery!

  6. you better wear glasses, I had a ‘back-up’ glasses here since my old got destroyed and now I have -3.5 and -4 T_T

  7. william // 8 June, 2014 at 9:47 am //

    I would still advise that you get a prescriptive eyeglass until you have a corrective eye surgery. Check out the many online eyeglass. It cost a fraction less then what you pay in store orders. I don’t know the cost in Japan. But corrective eye surgery have gone down in price a lot since in USA. Having a current prescriptive eyeglass prevents you the inconvenience, ensure your safety and reduce further the strain on the eye.

    • I remember when we looked into corrective eye surgery, having it done in Japan (at the same place Ryosuke’s brother got it done) was less than half the price in America. So we decided to wait until we got to Japan.

      Recently we’ve both been so busy I haven’t had time for it – but I really should get my eyes fixed in the next couple weeks. It’s getting pretty annoying…

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