Comic: You’re drawing us wrong!

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Genetically-wise, it’s difficult for Asian men to bulk up as easily as white/black men. Even Ryosuke, with his years of protien shakes, extreme weight lifting, and thousands of hours at the gym, can’t bulk up as much as most of our mutual, white friends.

But, you know, neither of us has (too many) body image issues – and as long as I draw him bulked up like the Incredible Hulk from time to time, he’s fine.


I think he is dead sexy the way he is.

And come on, my eyes aren’t that big (no matter what happens at Purikura).

Japanese photo booths make my eyes look HUGE

Japanese photo booths make my eyes look HUGE


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16 Comments on Comic: You’re drawing us wrong!

  1. It probably also has something to do with his height, generally people who are taller tend to be (not always) more lean and it’s harder to put on weight due to high metabolism and the fact that the taller you are the more you need to weigh in order to look like someone shorter than you since everything is stretch on a larger frame. 135 on someone 5’3″ might look a little big but someone 5’9″ would look slim. So you have to think about all the genetic factors. Not just race but also your body build. Some people just aren’t built to be bulky and idk why you would want to be anyways, but to each his own.

  2. Japanese purikura make my eyes look huge too but they help get rid of my horrid under eye dark circles! Best thing ever! Whenever I go to Japan I always make sure to stop by at least 1 arcade to take lots of purikura. I just wish they gave us more time to decorate them, I start to panic xD

  3. Draw Ryosuke bishounen style :P

  4. Asian men can’t bulk up? Hmmmm

  5. Ok I have to disagree with you on the Japanese men not being able to bulk up. When my husband was in his 20’s he was 5ft 7 inches and close to 200 pounds of solid muscle. Even closer to 50 he is ripped and still has muscles but he back down to 180.

    • That’s really interesting.
      Ryouske’s at 6ft and even though he works out at the gym 3-4 times a week (for 2-3 hours), he can’t seem to put on muscle. It’s a huge source of frustration for him.

      • For as much as I know about how the body works (which is not much by the way) is that you have to have a little bit of fat to make muscles. Well that’s how my brother does it; he eats like crazy (and by “crazy” I mean “big food plates five times a day”) for a couple of weeks/months to gain fat (while of course training a couple of days a week). And THEN, he stops and follows a very specific training diet (with loads of proteins) and train five days a week to turn this “fat” into muscles.

        According to your pictures, Ryosuke doesn’t seem to have much fat to transform. Maybe that’s why?
        Tell him to eat like crazy (but of course healthy food) for a couple of weeks to gain weight and then eat and drink a lot of proteins before/after training so that his body doesn’t take its energy from his muscles (resulting in a loss of mass).

        Sorry for the ranting!

        • Oh and by “ranting”, I meant “my thoughts about it are all over the place with confused writing”. Haha

        • That might be it. He is very lean. He really doesn’t have extra fat lying around.

          His old boxing coach told him time and time again he was going to have to work much harder to put on weight, since Asian men genetically can’t put on as much weight. I can cite it, but I’ve heard a similar sentiment from other Asian men at the gym.

          • Anonymous // 3 June, 2014 at 9:44 pm //

            I’d choose “toned” and “fit” over “bulk up” as i’d prefer to scratch my back with my own hands :)

          • That’s what I keep telling him. No need to get the body type of “The Hulk” – I would take Captain American/Iron Man over The Hulk any day.

        • Ha, interesting! Not to derail the conversation, but my wife also told me that muscles can be easily turned into fat. She was telling me this so that I would NOT try to bulk myself up with muscles, b/c they will eventually turn into massive ugly fat!
          Grace, tell Ryosuke that he should rather stay lean!

          • I will tell him that :)
            I’m really 100% with the size he is right now – I think he looks great lean. And I knew so many ex-football players from when I was younger who now have beer bellies and bigger arms because the muscle turned to fat and was difficult to get rid of…

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