Comic: Punching the Pen Case

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Ryosuke bought this Lotso pen case when we were in Taiwan. We were walking by some shop in the evening and Ryosuke looked in the window and saw some huge, Lotso slippers. [In case anyone doesn’t know, Lotso is the villan from Toy Story 3. He’s this big purple-pink bear that smells like strawberries] Before I could stop him, he rushed into the store (even though they were closing). I convinced him NOT to buy the slippers (it wasn’t practical) and instead steered him toward the cheaper and more useful Lotso pen case.

And then he spent the rest of the trip punching the pen case every time he saw it (he’s still mad because Lotso tried to kill Woody in Toy Story 3).

I took over the pen case about a year ago. I’ve been using it to keep my art pens together.

It works well (unless Ryosuke is off punching it). He has a serious grudge against Lotso. I guess this is part 2 to the comic I drew a couple days ago of Ryosuke punching the Lotso bear in the Disney store.


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  1. I think, Lotso is at least better bear than “Gloomy Bear” :P

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