Comic: Die, Lotso! (From Toy Story 3)

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At this point, I’m just surprised we haven’t gotten kicked out of a Disney story for Ryosuke punching/throwing Lotso dolls. He’s done it in several stores in America (Texas and Pennsylvania) as well as recently in Japan. I ought to know better than to take him inside the store, but I keep thinking “Toy Story 3 came out so long ago, I bet all the Lotso stuff is gone.”

But all the Lotso stuff isn’t gone.

And then Ryosuke punches one of the dolls. And little kids stare at us. And I have to drag him out of the store before I can buy anything.


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12 Comments on Comic: Die, Lotso! (From Toy Story 3)

  1. Brad Walker // 29 December, 2014 at 10:42 am //

    You know you’re in the minority if you prefer Anna to Elsa.

    Bonus Quiz! Can you name:
    1) The Prince of the Southern Isles
    2) The Ice Harvester who lived with trolls
    3) The Red Headed Princess
    4) Number 2’s best friend

    What’s the connection?

  2. This made me LOL–literally. From your posts, pics and comics, Ryosuke seems like a sweet and friendly guy. I can’t imagine him kicking the crap out of anyone or anything–especially something related to a Disney villain. Are there any others he dislikes or just Lotso?

  3. What’s up with all the Lotso hate?? Bad experiences??

  4. Woohoo found a new blog to read at work! Your posts are always interesting!

  5. Anonymous // 15 May, 2014 at 12:01 pm //

    he’s just doing what we all want to, but don’t have the courage to deliver

    • I told Ryosuke that and he laughed and was like “See, people agree! I’m doing the right thing!”

      Lotso was a pretty nasty villain, though. Usually they just have a change-of-heart at the last minute – not him…

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