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Apparently this is a “thing” in Japan. Companies have “fight songs.” Every once and a while I catch Ryosuke humming his company’s song – he won’t teach it to me, though (something about protecting a secret).

I love hearing about Ryosuke’s company. It’s so strange. I can’t get enough of it.


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4 Comments on Comic: Company theme song

  1. You should look up the IBM songs. Keep in mind as you listen to the hive mind brainwashing that the songs were made during the Great Depression by salarymen who were extremely grateful to even have a job.

  2. My Company Dorm used to have a theme song… Go figure… Find a friend who works for one of the major banks or trading houses before they ended this “dorm culture”. Seriously weird…

  3. Do they also have a soccer team? My late husband went to high school in Yokohama. Their soccer team was so good, he said, that after they beat the other high schools, they played the company teams.

    • I’m 90% sure they have a soccer team?
      I know they have a really good volleyball team (like one of the best in Japan) – my husband said one of the new employees is a semi-professional female volleyball player who is training to take a starting spot on the company team.

      Apparently company sport competitions are a big thing in Japan?

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