Comic: I want the flawless skin of a Kpop idol (BB Creme)

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I’m going to be completely honest here, I don’t actually know what BB creme does. But everyone else seems to know what it does and can’t help but sing its praise.

I want the flawless skin of a Kpop idol.

But not enough to actually pay for it. Oh well.

Ryosuke loves me for my brains, not my beauty (or so he says).


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30 Comments on Comic: I want the flawless skin of a Kpop idol (BB Creme)

  1. I love BB cream, in France make up is too dark and heavy for my skin (i am french girl), so bb cream is perfect, because that is very thin cream that colors the skin just a little bit and so a same color of cream can be put with a lot of different color skin, it is better for the skin then normal make up, you save time too because it replace the moisturizing cream a the morning

  2. I was terrified of buying any sort of cream out of fear that it had skin-lightening stuff in it ;_; Do you know if BB cream does?

    • It took me like 10 min at the pharmacy last night to find a face-wash/cream that didn’t have whitening stuff in it. Ugh. I don’t WANT lighter skin.

      I have no idea how much stuff actually has the whitening stuff in it, though. Like 1/3?

  3. All for Ryosuke-san, who wants his beautiful wife(Grace-san) to keep having young beautiful skin, I’ll giving you some tips now:P

    My mother has always been a very health & beauty conscious woman since I was a young kid, as a result, I came to know many things that are good for our health and beauty:P.

    1:Green tea
    Green tea is very high in Vitamin C and Catechin I think you know about Vitamin C. So, I’ll write mainly about Catechin. Catechin is a subject that has strong antioxidative effect, which works for anti-aging and can lower the risk of cancer too. The calorie of green tea is almost 0, that is also a great factor. Catechin can lower the risk of having cavities(teeth).

    Ah, I’ve found a very informative website about it!

    2:Apple / Tomato
    Both apples and tomatoes are considered as the most healthy fruits/vegetables in general, but they have one specific additional benefit, which is anti-aging effect caused by Lycopene. Lycopene also has very strong anti-aging effect. Lycopene is the carotenoid that makes tomatoes red, and red fruits/vegetables tend to be high in Lycopene.

    3:Soy Products
    Soy is high in Soy Isoflavone. It is said that Soy Isoflavone works like Estrogen in our body. Estrogen is a female hormone. Both women and men produce female hormone by themselves, but women produce a lot larger amount of female hormone by themselves than men, as a result, they have more beautiful/fine skin than men. I mean, female hormone is the hormone that makes women to have bigger boobs and more beautiful skin than men. By the way, it is also said that male hormone is the hormone that causes men to higher risk of sparse hair, and female hormone can lower the risk of men having sparse hair. So, if you see your husband getting to have sparse hair, you should mane Ryosuke eat soy products as much as possible :P

    Yogurt is very high in Lactobacillus Acidophilus. Lactobacillus Acidophilus can activate our bowel movements. And, regular bowel movements are very important for our health and beauty, especially for our skin condition. Constipated women tend to have bad skin condition, and constipation make us age faster too.

    5:Fermented Foods
    Just like yogurt, fermented foods are good for bowel movements. Natto is fermented soys, so Natto is the best in that you can take both Soy Isoflavone and fermented foods!. Having said that, I know Natto can be the most disgusting Japanese food for a lot of foreingers:P.

    6:Olive Oil
    Almost all kinds of oils have strong oxydative effect=aging effect which rust our body(make us age), and we can’t avoid using oil in that oil is something that makes food tastier. So, if you use oil, you should use olive oil. I think you know it already because the benefit of olive oils is very well known all over the world.

    7:Many more, but I should stop here because nobody want to read any more, I guess:P

    • Hahaha, thanks for the tips!

      I love, LOVE Japanese Green tea (Ryosuke totally doesn’t understand it and thinks it’s a bit silly – he’s more of a coffee drinker). Long before I knew anything about Japan, I read some study in class about how Green Tea has all these wonderful detoxifying and anti-aging effects. I went home and told my mom “I want to drink Green Tea.” She picked up some at the grocery store and I drank it, like a lot, for the next couple years.
      The study you sent also said that it makes you smarter (yay for me!), so I’m glad I stuck with it!

      I’ve noticed some stores sell Green Tea face masks – does that have the same kinds of effects? Or is it best if you just drink the green tea?

      In any case, thanks for all the healthy suggestions. We’re looking for new plants to put on the veranda, so we should probably get small potted tomato plants, since they seem so healthy!

      • Haha, you should “force” Ryosuke-san to drink green tea just like my mother do to my father:P. You know, Japanese women has the longest life expectancy in the world, and they live up to 87 on average while Japanese men is about 80. So, Japanese women are expected to live longer than men by 7 years on average. My mother forces my father to eat very healthy foods/drinks everyday, saying “I won’t be a widow, I won’t let you die before me”:P And, if he eats something unhealthy foods behind her, she says “Hey, honey, you don’t love me, do you?” lol

        As to Green Tea face masks, I think it’s controversial. I mean, I think I heard that drinking/eating something high in Vitamin C is good for our skin, but, there aren’t enough reliable evidences that prove Vitamin C can be assimilated into our skin if we paste it on our face. A lot of skin care products feature the amount of Vitamin C in them, but, at least, several years ago, it was controversial .Recent study might have reached a conclusion, but I don’t know now, maybe, I might have to ask my mother because she always keeps an eye out for the newest studies about beauty:P. By the way, my parents are also living in Ibaraki, and I was raised up there too.

        As to tomato plants, your veranda is exposed to sunshine for 6 hours a day?. Actually, I love gardening, and I grow tomatoes every year too. I think tomatoes need 6 hours sunshine per day. And, you should not water tomatoes too much, lack of water make tomatoes sweeter(tastier). By the way, I’ve been to Australia, Europe and the US too, I noticed that restaurants in Japan are reasonable (especially a lot more reasonable than Australia and Europe), but vegetables and fruits at supermarkets are somehow more expensive than Australia, Europe and The US. One tomato can cost 100 yen or more in Japaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan(angry)!. How about in the US? I mean, how much does one tomato cost?. Well, anyway, the most reasonable and easiest way to take lycopene is tomato juice though. They are available in any supermarkets and very reasonable(if you buy them, choose the one that salt is not added).

        • Your mom sounds pretty awesome and hilarious. I love it when older ladies are funny and sassy. It’s cute~

          Tomatoes are se expensive in Japan! It’s crazy! But they’re also a lot better in the Japan than in the US.
          In the US, tomatoes are pretty cheap, but they’re also kind of bland… so it’s a lot different…
          My father in law grows tomatoes and they’re delicious. So I want to try! Thanks for the tips for growing tomatoes.

  4. Hello! I’m Japanese guy who’s been reading your blog since 6 months ago. I love your articles. How about making your own Youtube account? I noticed there are many foreign youtubers who keep uploading their lives in Japan. Actually ,some of them earn fair amount of money from their Youtube videos. For example, this American lady.

    You see, nearly 200,000 people subscribe to her channel, and she uploads one or 2 videos every week, gaining large amount of views. I think there are 5 great things that you make videos on Youtube.

    1:You can earn from uploading videos
    Youtube is quite a huge “gateway” tool. Many foreigners are interested what it is like to live in Japan and many Japanese are interested how Japan look like seen from foreign girls like you. So, many people can find your channel on Youtube, and you’ll earn some money.

    2:You can get more subscribers to your blog.
    As I said, Youtube is the biggest gateway. So, people who happened to find your youtube channel will visit your blog too.

    3:You can improve your Japanese even better
    If you make videos about your life in Japan, then, you’ll speak English and make Japanese subs or you’ll speak Japanese and make English subs in the videos. So, you will expect that your videos are exposed to native Japanese speakers, so, you’ll try to make Japanese sentences as correct and natural as possible every time you make videos, which makes your Japanese improve to the native level.

    4:You can meet new people with whom you have something in common.
    I know such many foreign Youtubers living in Japan met one another through Youtube and become good friends. Another Texian woman who’s living in Japan with her Japanese husband might find your youtube Channel too!. I mean, you can find new people who have common interests and who are living in very similar stage of you life through Youtube.

    5:You might even get a job at a decent media agency.
    I know Russian girl living in Japan who uploads videos about Japan, and now she belongs to such a agency. I think Youtube is getting more influential media year by year, and you might be able to have a chance to build up your career too.

    Well, I might have written too much, but, I’m a fan of your blog, so, I want you to make Youtube channel too. You might not like exposing yourself too much on internet though.

    • You make some pretty good points :)

      I’ve been on the fence about video blogging. On one hand, it seems like a great way to get more exposure (and seems like a lot of fun)… but on the other side, I don’t know if I would be able to handle the extra attention on Youtube – especially hate mail.
      As it stands, I get between one and three “hate” messages a week because of the things I write (but mostly because I’m in an interracial marriage).

      Then again, like you said, you make some pretty good points in favor of video blogging. I’m going to think about it.

      IF I do start, it would probably be in 2 weeks or so (we’re currently moving from Ibaraki back to Tokyo). I will let you know what I decide on video blogging!
      Also, thanks for such an in-dept comment. I love list-styled articles and comments. They’re so easy to digest :)

      • I would love it if you did videos :D I’m totally encouraging you to do it!
        I also thought about videoblogging — it seems nice! But I don’t have any decent camera.

        I understand your fear of hate mails. And on youtube, there’s the buttons Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down, which make it quite obvious when people don’t like what you’re saying….But there’s indeed more exposure (maybe you could go on TV in Japan, thanks to your videos? ;) )

        I think it’s easy with wordpress to do both blogging and videblogging; you can do a video on a certain subjects, publish the link on your blog and add additional informations under it! And editing looks fun :D

        You definitely deserve getting a bigger income than what you’re currently having with your blog. It’s a pretty good blog, so you should totally earn more from it!

        • Thank you :)

          People have made some pretty convincing points (I hadn’t really thought about video blogging before, but now I’ve decided I’m going to start as soon as we finish moving). I can’t wait to get into video blogging

          I really wish I could get an income from this blog. That would be so wonderful. I don’t like the way ads look (because I don’t want to advertise something unless I believe in it) – so I basically just get like 30 – 40$ a month from Amazon affiliates. It’s nice, but I wish I could get more… Hahahaha.
          Money runs the world, I guess.

      • Thank you for your reply:).

        I understand your fear of haters(the people who gives you mean comments on your videos. But, I think you don’t need to worry too much. First of all, please watch this video.

        You see, the number of total views of the video is roughly about 400,000, and the number of Thumbs Up is 6,000 and Thumbs Down is 120. So, only 120 out of 400,000 viewers gave this video Thumb Down and the number of Thumb Up are 50 times as many as Thumbs Down. So, as long as you keep uploading “healthy videos(not mean videos)”, basically, you’ll attract a lot more supporters(fans) than haters. And, even if 4 or 5 haters write excessively mean comments on your videos, then, your fans(or the fans of the videos) will give Thumb Down to those excessively mean comments, as a result, those excessively mean comments will be deleted automatically before you read them. So, you won’t quail by reading such comments from haters.

        Then, next, please visit this website.

        The Youtuber insists he’s got about 4 million views and Youtube paid.6,000 USD, right? So, Youtube paid him 0.0015 USD per view. The American girl(Rachel) has got roughly about 16 million views by uploading one or 2 videos every week since 2 year ago. So, 16 million × 0.0015 USD = 24,000 USD for 2 years. I think earning 24,000 USD by uploading only one or 2 videos every week is good pay:P The criteria that how much money Youtube pay per view to Youtubers are bit complicated, so, you might get paid more per view or you might get less paid per view, but still, it’s a fairly good pay.

        I think you have 4 strong points that enable you to gain very large amount of subscribers.

        1:You are a good writer

        2:You are young cute American girl
        It surely can be a factor that your videos attract additional subscribers.

        3:You have adorable personality
        I’ve been reading your blog since a long ago, and I found your articles are not only interesting, but also adorable. People with malicious tongues tend to attract haters too, but you are not such a person.

        4:You have great family both in Japan(Ryosuke’s side) and in the US.
        You’ve watched some of the American girl’s videos? If you have watched, then, I think you noticed she has an adorable husband too. Having read your articles, I feel your husband is also very adorable, which can surely be another factor to attract many subscribers(I’m not sure if your husband can be supportive for you to make Youtube videos though). And, you have great family back in the US too(When you go back to the US to meet your parents and sister, you can make videos in the US, and which also can be another factor to attract additional subscribers).

        Then, next, watch this video.
        It’s just a 5min length video, and it’s got nearly 1.8 million views. So, 1.8 million views × 0.0015 USD = 2,700 USD. Making a short video(only 5 mins) = 2.700 USD, what a good pay:P You should take it:P. Well, seriously, I think you can get a fair amount of money considering that the American girl and a lot other foreigners like you living in Japan are gaining a huge number of subscribers.

        Well, it’s 3 am now, I assume there are many typos and grammatical errors in what I wrote, and my brain is working very slowly, so, I might have made a mistake when calculating the numbers above,I’m sorry for it:P.


        • As always, thanks for the in-depth comment. You’ve got me sold – I’m going to start making videos (once a week) once Ryouske and I move into our new apartment (at the end of Golden Week).
          His parents don’t know I blog. Or, they know I write stuff online, but they don’t quite understand what a blog is, how the internet works, or English. As fun as they are, I probably wouldn’t add them in any videos, because I don’t want them to feel uncomfortable :)

          I’ve spent the last day going through Rachen and Jun’s videos as well as reading additional articles on the pros and cons of video blogging on Youtube and I’m pretty sold on the idea of making a Youtube channel! It seems like a lot of fun :)

          And it would be fun to use an additional medium to reach new people (I started drawing comics a couple of months ago and those have been a big success). I’m excited to see what I can do with Youtube! Thanks!

          • I’m so happy you made that decision! Can’t wait to subscribe to your channel :D

          • Goooood!. You’ve decided, I’m really glad to hear that:)

            As to family, yes, If i were you, I think I wouldn’t get parents involved in any videos either, but I might get siblings involved though. Anyway, it’s you who decide what to film, so, you can avoid filming something that could make you feel uncomfortable.

            If I were you, I wouldn’t film very near my apartment because filming very near my apartment could let some anonymous viewers locate the apartment where I live. Filming in the rooms of my apartment is okay though, because it won’t let anybody identify my apartment. For me, It’s okay that telling anonymous viewers “I live in Tokyo”, or, “I live in Suginami-ku”, but If I were you, I wouldn’t upload videos that let viewers can locate the nearest train station from my apartment,

            As you know, Youtube has been getting more influential media year by year, I assume it will become more influential by 2020, the year of Tokyo Olympics. By 2020, Grace-san might become a very influential Youtuber and CNN or some other American tv media might ask her to work as a correspondent / reporter during the Olympics period:P Then, I might say to my family / friends “Hey, it’s partially because of me that she is that big now(^-^)LOL.

            Now, there are increasing number of people in Japan who make a living only by uploading videos onto Youtube, and some of them have published books “How to make a living by Youtube”. so, reading such books might be helpful for you.

            So, you’ve watched many of Rachel & Jun’s videos. Then, I think you’ve noticed there are so many so called Jvloggers(Jvloggers = Non-Japanese Youtubers living in Japan who upload videos about Japan, Japanese cultures, their lives in Japan, etc). You can contact some of them. to get more tips about video blogging. I’m looking forward to watching your Youtube videos and, new articles on this blog:)

          • I’ve noticed there’s a lot of foreigners doing video blogging in Japan too. It’s super-interesting. I agree with some and don’t agree with others.

            It would be cool to be “big” before the Olympics in Japan.

            If I were to get famous for something, though, I would rather it be the comics than the articles I write. Comic artists are much harder to disagree with (and I don’t write as technically/eloquently as professional writers and stuff, more like simple so people can understand, so I don’t want TOO many people critiquing…)

            But yes, if I get to be a famous video blogger, you can totally go around telling people you helped!

  5. I like BB cream! :D It’s nice, but you got to find the right shade for your skin (which is hard for me because I’m so white) and you have to put powder after (or else you’ll be shining like a diamond, unless that’s your goal? Sounds legit.). It’s not as heavy as a “real” foundation, but it’s good to moisturize your skin and blocking the sun while looking fabulous.

    However… you won’t have the flawless skin of a Kpop star. Sorry. I’m still trying to reach that level myself, but I’m beginning to think it’s an impossible task.

    They also got CC cream now! Haven’t tried it yet. I don’t even know the difference with the BB cream…

    • Wait, there’s CC Cream too? How am I so far behind in all of this?

      I was pretty close to buying this stuff too, but it seemed like the kind of thing you should actually shell out “real” money for (as opposed to cheap eyeshadow, where it doesn’t matter as much).
      Do they sell BB and CC cream outside of the Asian countries?

      • Kat Laliberté // 25 April, 2014 at 10:09 am //

        They do! I’m in Canada and they sell it here. I’ve never tried it though.

        • Wow, neat!
          I never saw any in America (but then again, I wasn’t really looking). I saw some mini-documentary about the skin care market in Asian countries (specifically Korea and Japan) – and since then, I’ve seen BB Cream everywhere!

          If they sell it in Canada, they probably sell it in the states (and possibly Europe) too.

          • Kat Laliberté // 25 April, 2014 at 10:22 am //

            I’m not really huge on skin care products either, but my boyfriend is always telling me I should buy this and that (not that I ever will, but a boy can dream, right?)

          • Back when Ryosuke and I had only been dating a couple of months (we both lived in the dorm), I saw his collection of skin care products. He has all of these little vials, bottles, and containers of skin care stuff because he doesn’t want to have a “wrinkly face.”
            He was horrified to learn I didn’t use face cream after a shower.

            One time when I was studying in my room, he sat down next to me (I thought he was going in for a kiss), and rubbed facial cream all over my face to make sure I “stayed young and pretty-looking forever.”
            It was so weird.

            We’ve compromised since then. He only buys cream once a month (and it has to be less than 10 USD) and I (try) to use the cream once a day to “protect my face.”
            I’m always blown away by the sheer amount of skin care stuff in Japan. It’s crazy!

          • Haha yes so like Kat Laliberté (are you from Québec too? :D) said, there is BB cream in Canada, and even CC cream now! But it’s somewhat new. When I started using BB cream (to have the flawless skin of a Kpop idol…) I was buying it on internet because it wasn’t available here in Canada. But now two years later it’s all over the place!

            I love makeup and skin care product, so obviously Japan is like heaven to me (but I can guess South Korea will be, too).

            I just can’t take a shower without putting moisturizer afterwards… my face feels so dry if I don’t! And I put some in the morning before my makeup too, or else my skin feels awful (and the makeup looks bad).

          • I’ve noticed if I go more than a day or two without moisturizer, my skin will get all stretchy and weird after a shower.

            Oh my gosh, you must LOVE being in Japan.
            My big question (I’ve asked Ryosuke, but he doesn’t have an answer) – how do you know which stuff is “good” before you buy? Do you test out a bunch of different types, do online reviews, or just buy whatever is cheapest?

            We always buy whatever is on sale (with bright colors) – though that’s probably a bad way to go about it…

          • Kat Laliberté // 25 April, 2014 at 12:16 pm //

            Actually I’m from Vancouver, but unfortunately I’m in Winnipeg now (where it’s still snowing!!). Nice to see other Canadians on here though :)

          • Kat Laliberté > Glad to meet you! :D Oh God, it was still snowing last week in Quebec too, everyone was se desperate for a little bit of sun. So I know what you mean!

            Grace > Normally, when I buy makeup, I don’t really look at the price… I know it’s weird! But if I have any intention to buy something in a beauty shop, then it’s because I have the money to do so, or else I try to avoid those places (to avoid awful dilemma, haha). If I’m buying multiple things, then I try to stay under/around 100$. So I don’t really go for the cheapest! Unfortunately, makeup/skincare products are not really things you can appreciate without giving up a bit of your money. I can totally see the difference between an Annabelle eyeliner and the Kat Von D Tattoo eyeliner…

            That being said, if there’s a sale for makeup I already tried and like, then of course I’ll be more than happy.

            However, I do check the price for skincare products. It can be very high sometimes…

            So what I do is this: I read reviews on internet, and then I test the product on my hands/arms (when it’s possible). After that, I often ask for samples of the product, which they usually give gladly (I love samples). I try it for a couple of days and if it’s right, I buy it :D
            Skincare products are hard to buy, because you have to know you skin type (dry, mix, oily) and it’s hard to find good ones that will suit you. So really, samples are the best!

          • Wow, that’s quite a process. But it sounds nice. I really ought to invest in better skin care products. Next time I’m out I will see if they have samples :)

          • Haha, funny, I’m also like Ryosuke and I’m a Japanese guy too. I use some skin care products every morning and night after washing my face. It doesn’t mean I put a huge importance how I look like, but I just want to keep myself young “mentally”. I think I feel I’m mentally old if I see many deep wrinkles on my face.

            Lack of moisture and UV-rays make wrinkles. We produce oil on our skin by ourselves, but, the self-produced oil is removed by the water (especially hot water/long bath). The self-produced oil is the thing that keeps the moisture inside our skin, so, after a bath/washing face, we need to use face lotion/cream to keep the moisture inside our skin in stead of our self-produced oil.

          • It’s funny – I’ve learned so much about skin care since I moved to Japan.
            I used to teach English to a salaryman with a skin care company. He always talked about UV rays, the best types of moisturizer, and the dangers of using tap water to wash your face in the morning.

            Those are the kinds of things people don’t really talk about in America, I guess. Especially men, because in America “skin care” is seen as a very “girly” topic. I actually really like how much Japanese men are able to talk about skin care, do their hair, and be involved with fashion without being judged. It’s nice.

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