Comic: Cultural problems with tacos in Japan

12 taco problems

Yep. This happened. And yes, we wrapped the tacos in seaweed to make the kids happy (it totally worked).

For some reason, everyone was really thrown off by the fact there was no miso soup. I thought Sa-chan (the niece) was going to have a breakdown when we told her we hadn’t made any miso soup.

Once we found a way to “Japanese-y” the tacos, there were a hit!


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6 Comments on Comic: Cultural problems with tacos in Japan

  1. I think the term would be “Japanese-ify” :P

  2. I can totally relate to this experience! I live in Hunan, China which is one of three locations famous in China for its spicy food. Hot pepper sauce is everywhere and a must at every restaurant. You can’t really have a conversation meeting a new person without them asking if you like spicy food or can eat spicy food. Anyway, one time I made homemade spaghetti for some Chinese friends of mine. Two of my friends loved it. My other friend, WB, while I was in the kitchen, turned and looked at my friend B__, and said, “it’s not spicy.” B___ replied “It’s not supposed to be, it’s ‘Italian noodles'” – (Literal Chinese translation for spaghetti.) He put the bowl down and pushed it away and said he couldn’t eat it. I came back into the room and he asked if I had any hot pepper sauce. I replied that I did and went to fetch him some. Only after putting hot peppers on his spaghetti was he able to eat and finish it!

    This isn’t to say that everyone in Hunan is like this, they aren’t. But it is true some people here will not eat certain foods unless they are spicy or at least have the option to add hot peppers to them!

    • Hahahaha, really? Wow. Spicy spaghetti. That’s a first.
      These intercultural moments are really interesting~

    • Haha, immediately after reading this, I Needed to Eat spaghetti with Korean pepper flakes (only a teeny bit spicy) and Korean seaweed. The miso soup part of the comic was unexpected because I would guess no rice would be worse.

  3. Aunt Sheron // 12 April, 2014 at 5:03 am //

    Sounds like you have found the way to make your first million – seaweed tacos for Japan!

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