Comic: Sherlock Holmes’ Voice in Japanese (BBC)

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I’m not even joking. Sherlock in Japanese is the funniest thing in the entire world. I highly recommend this clip showing Sherlock and Watson’s dubbed voices in Japanese.

It took me four tries to make it all the way through, I kept having to pause Youtube to laugh.


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15 Comments on Comic: Sherlock Holmes’ Voice in Japanese (BBC)

  1. I think it’s funnier that Watson’s voice is deeper than Holmes’s voice is hahha

  2. Omg. Just watched the clip you linked there and it really sounds really strange. Really. I love his original voice and this is just soooo different. :D

  3. P J Ebbrell // 29 November, 2015 at 9:48 pm //

    Intrigued that Japanese text has been put in the film.

    The first two series were brillant, but I now prefer Elementary as it has more detective work.

  4. Uh… sounds Russian.

  5. it’s weird. maybe if i watch this dubbed version before the original one i will say it’s fine or good enough. but i’ve watched the original version, so this one look “weird” :p . . . but i like the combination of Sherlock theme song with the narrator’s voice, sound good :))

  6. Anonymous // 15 May, 2015 at 2:04 am //

    XD I agree it’s funny, and it seems there are the typical voice we can find in anime x)

  7. Grace, I agree with you!! i feel bad for the people dubbing these.. they don’t have the right attitude or voice. They sure do a better job for the japanese shows… haha

  8. I could never stand dubbed versions, regardless of what language they are in. No matter how well they are done, it just doesn’t feel… original. Even when sourcing for anime, if I could not find subbed versions, I’d rather watch the original versions without subtitles and guess what is going on.

    • I remember watching dubbed anime versions on Cartoon Network when I was younger – and I always wondered why they had “funny names.” When I got older, I realized those names were Japanese, and after I started speaking Japanese (now, going back), it’s difficult to watch them mutilate the pronunciation of those names. It’s so painful to watch…

  9. JudasFm // 2 June, 2014 at 1:22 am //

    I know XD I bought both S1 and S2 of Sherlock DVDs in Japanese to help with my language studies. It did…a little ;)

  10. Hah! My favorite part of Sherlock is BC’s voice. So that was….weird.

  11. Haha I know the feeling!
    Last winter I watched Home Alone dubbed to japanese on TV. Couldn’t stop laughing. Later, my husband (then boyfriend) told me I could choose dubbed or original language from the remote control. lol

    • Hah. I can totally see that happening. I think I saw part of Inception with the husband in Japanese (dubbed) before turning the tv off – it wasn’t happening.
      I wonder if our tv can also change languages…?

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