Comic: Ryosuke shaves his beard…

05 shaving beard


It’s been two days now and I miss Ryosuke’s mini goatee. His face looks so naked.

This is going to take some getting used to.


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7 Comments on Comic: Ryosuke shaves his beard…

  1. Know what you mean. When I married my husband he had really long hair, then after 8 years of marriage he just cut it all off. Sometimes I wonder if a big reason I married him was because of his hair, lol, I really miss playing around with it.

    • Hahahaha. That’s hilarious. Your poor husband :)

      I remember the first time my dad shaved his beard when I was little- I thought he was an alien and wouldn’t hug him.

      Facial hair makes a big difference!!

      • I have the opposite issue with my dad. He stopped shaving last summer, literally on the day I moved states. When I saw him on Christmas I almost didn’t recognize him. Still confuses me.

        • Hahahaha. That’s hilarious.

          Every no-shave November I always get really confused (and sometimes freaked out) by the sudden appearance of beards. And then as soon as I get used to it, they disappear again. Why.

  2. Anonymous // 19 March, 2014 at 1:07 am //

    I have more ass hair than facial hair.

  3. Ryosuke is still your handsome husband ! :-)

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