Comic: The Benefits of Sharing Prescription Glasses

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No joke, Ryosuke and I actually have the exact same prescription eyeglasses. We figured this out on day three of our trip to Hakodate in Hokkaido. He accidentally fell asleep during the day in his contacts – and one ripped when he tried to change them out a couple hours later.

Jokingly, while leading him around the city later, I let him borrow my glasses. They ended up working perfectly for him (which, you know, was nice because that was day three of a two and a half week trip. He would have been miserable without eyesight for the next 17 days).

Since then, we’ve been sharing glasses on days he doesn’t feel like wearing contacts.


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  1. cool! never would have guessed Ryosuke needs to wear glasses. i hate mine, but i need them. i don’t look (all that) bad with them on, but you know… they get dirty fast, i need to pay attention to wear a hat if the sun is too strong [aka always].. and the list goes on.
    were you able to see without your glasses? everything is blurry for me as i’m short sighted, haha

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