Top 4 Colorful (and exotic) buildings in Tokyo, Japan

I love Japan. It’s pretty easy to love Japan – between the low crime rates, organic food options, and healthy standard of living, Japan is full of things to love.

1. The Reversible Destiny Lofts House in Mitaka (Tokyo, Japan)

colorful house mitaka japan internaitonal Christian university

And, as much as I complained about my tiny apartment in Tokyo (I mean really, it was tiny), I do kind of like Japanese architecture. My fiancé’s younger sister (ironically only five days younger than me) is in school to be an architect; every time I visit his parents’ house, she has a new design up in her room (I have to sleep in her room since my fiancé and I can’t share a room in his house before marriage).

The designs are pretty cool.

And don’t even get me started on the colors.

The longer I spent in Tokyo, the more pictures I took of Japanese buildings. I have some chic buildings, some traditional buildings, some ‘convenient’ buildings, and (my personal favorite), some COLORFUL buildings.

colorful house Reversible Destiny Lofts  mitaka tokyo japan

This building, the Reversible Destiny Lofts in Mitaka is close to International Christian University, where I did one year abroad. I would pass this building every time I went to the store. It was supposed to be built in honor of Helen Keller and the lofts are used as residential, educational, and cultural facilities (whatever that means).

So basically, this is the coolest apartment in Japan. And way outside of my price range.

2. The “Orange House” in Koganei (Tokyo, Japan)

This house, the “Orange House” was an apartment near, well, my apartment. It was on the Kichijoji side of International Christian University (if that means anything to you).

colorful house orange house koganei mitaka tokyo japan near international christian university

All things considered, it was a pretty awesome building. I’m not sure why it was so brightly painted – nor why it was called “Orange House” when it was basically every color under the rainbow EXCEPT for Orange but… well… It’s Japan.

3. The Colorful Window Building in Odaiba (Tokyo, Japan)

I saw this building on a train to the Odaiba beach. My friend and I had just dashed across Tokyo Station, looking for the monorail to Odaiba beach, because we wanted to see the sun set over Rainbow Bridge on Odaiba beach.

colorful building japan odaiba tokyo

When we finally made it to the monorail (right before the doors closed), we dove in and grabbed seats. I was almost too tired to appreciate the view. Then I saw this building and snapped a shot.

I would love to work in an office building like that!

4. The Colorful Seamstress House in Kichijoji (Tokyo, Japan)

Surely I’m missing some fabulously colorful houses in Tokyo. After all, I was only in the city for about 13 months. I also only started taking pictures of colorful houses during my last couple months.

colorful house tokyo kichijoji japan

If you have any other pictures of exotic and colorful houses, please send them to me so I can add them to this list (and I can always link back to your own blog).

PS – if you want to use any of these pictures for a project, feel free to. I ask that you link back to my blog if you use photos, though.


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8 Comments on Top 4 Colorful (and exotic) buildings in Tokyo, Japan

  1. So colorful, so beautiful! Do you know the Reversible Destiny Lofts House was recently featured in Girls? :D

  2. I always love Japan and had the chance to visit last April. I love Japan so much before and love it more after that visit. And I’m agree with your ‘rose-colored view’ about Japan.Yes, Japan may not 100% perfect, but for me, it’s truly feel safe for us women to travel there. We even have the ambition to make a solo-travel to Japan after this. Even when strangers offer helps, we don’t really doubt to accept,and that’s truly a no-no in my own country haha. Hope Japan will always be like that. Anyway, I love your post!

    • Thanks~
      I agree. I really do think Japan is one of the only countries I’ve ever lived in/traveled in WITHOUT ever having to worry about my own, personal safety.
      Crime does happen (and when it does, especially rape/etc, the police are horribly inefficient), but I’ve done enough research to know what to do if something like that happens in Tokyo.

  3. I see more odd architecture than this in San Francisco.

    I feel like your description of Japan seems very superficial. Crime is increasing exponentially as more foreigners go to “love japan” all the while shoving western anti-values down their throats. Organic food is mostly imported from California where we have insane food options, and healthy standard of living??? There are more single moms there than most countries, and 40% of Japanese are living below the poverty line… It’s just getting worse. I feel like foreign women more than men, especially Americans, have just a horribly superficial, rose-colored view of Japan.

    • I’ve never been to SF, so I wouldn’t know.

      But I have lived all across the world, and to me, Japan seems like the safest place (as a women to walk alone at night/”do my own thing” and not worry about being attacked).
      I don’t know, it kind of seems like you have a really negative view of Japan.

  4. Anonymous // 4 August, 2014 at 4:08 am //

    That is so beautiful I wont imagine how it see in tokyo

  5. So I am guessing from your writing that you are no longer in Japan? Is that right? Are you going back? When is the marriage?

    • Nope, I came back to America to finish up my degree in late August. The wedding is January 2, 2014 – and we are moving back to Tokyo right after that :)

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