Comic: Why Ryosuke and I never go out. Anywhere.

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Ryosuke has never been much of a party-er. I think the ONLY party (like American styled dance party) he went to was before we were dating, when he was trying to impress me.

Kind of like I used to go to the gym with him before we were dating because I wanted him to think I was cool (and he looked really hot lifting weights). Once we started dating, I stopped going to the gym and he stopped going clubbing.

Every once and a while I will go running or do sit-ups with him. And he will turn the lights down low and slow dance with me in the kitchen. We have our days.


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4 Comments on Comic: Why Ryosuke and I never go out. Anywhere.

  1. man, I so KNOW that feeling XD my boyfriend doesnt wanna dance eigther TToTT I always imagined all the things I would do once I had a boyfriend, like in all the romantic movies, but, I guess you cant have everything…

    • Right? Bars, clubs, theaters, etc are all out. Rom Coms lied to me.

      On the bright side, we have a great time hiking, shopping, and doing sports together, so I did sort of get what was “promised”

  2. I really love your comics. Makes me want to do my own!

    I wondered if you have any views on my latest blog post and if you agree with some of the things written there. It’s about a TV show I recently watched about Japanese men and you are the only Japanese expert I know! :)

    • Thanks! You should totally try drawing your own comics! I’m sure you would be GREAT at it~

      I read your blog post yesterday is is VERY interesting. I’m going to type a much longer message later (on the post itself), but I pretty much agree with all the points the TV show – and you – made.

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